Was ist eigentlich Craft Chocolate?

What actually is craft chocolate?

Craft chocolate, bean-to-bar chocolate, micro-batch, small-batch, handmade chocolate… many terms that ultimately point to the same idea of ​​chocolate production. Which is that? Find out here...

Bean-to-BarWarum die teuerste Schokolade der Welt über 200€ kostet

Why the world's most expensive chocolate costs over €200

Everyone knows chocolate for €1. One or the other has already tried a tablet for €5. But chocolate for €200? What is the most expensive chocolate in the world and is it worth it? Of course you can ...

Bean-to-BarCCN51 - die größte Bedrohung für Biodiversität im Kakaoanbau?

CCN51 - the biggest threat to biodiversity in cocoa cultivation?

The resistant cocoa bean variety CCN-51 threatens the biodiversity of the cocoa world worldwide. How and why - find out here!

Bean-to-BarIst Criollo wirklich King? Alles, was Ihr über Kakaosorten wissen müsst

Is Criollo Really King? Everything you need to know about cocoa varieties

Anyone who has ever dealt with fine chocolate will have come across the term 'Criollo'. What it is all about, what other varieties there are and whether Criollo is really the queen of cocoa varieti...

KakaosortenRitter Sport Cacao y Nada

Cacao Y Nada: what is behind the cocoa fruit juice chocolate?

Anyone who wants to try a Ritter Sport Cacao Y Nada right now has to dig deep into their pockets. Why this is and how the cocoa fruit juice "chocolate" actually tastes - you can find out here!

Bean-to-Barfeine Aromen in Schokolade durch Röstung

How do flavors get into fine chocolate?

One of the most frequently asked questions in our tastings is about the origin of the flavors in fine chocolate. Here you can find out everything about the origin, development and additions.