MIA – 'Cranberry & Hazelnut 65%'

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The chocolate:

This bar was made directly in Madagascar and garnished with tart cranberries and small pieces of hazelnuts. The ingredients complement each other perfectly. Admittedly, we were a bit skeptical about the station wagon at first, but after the first bite our skepticism vanished. The finely chopped hazelnuts give the bar a subtle nutty taste, while the cranberries perfectly complement the fruitiness of the Malagasy cocoa beans. There is also a pinch of cinnamon, which makes the whole thing nice and spicy. The cocoa used for this bar is grown in the northwest of the island, in the Sambirano Valley, and then processed into delicious bars in a local chocolate factory.

Madagascar 🇲🇬
Direct Trade:
Dark chocolate with inclusions
Weitere Eigenschaften:
Lactose free, gluten free
mia schokolade aus madagaskar


MIA stands for "Made in Africa", an acronym that aptly summarizes everything MIA stands for. With MIA, the MIA founders want to show that extraordinary, delicious food comes from Africa. So that food - especially chocolate - feels just as good how it tastes, MIA produces directly on site. This allows them to let a multiple of the sales flow directly into the local economy. More than fair! Are you really interested in the bean? Find out more about MIA here!


Cocoa production: Madagascar exports around 12 tons a year Cocoa cultivation: Around 35,000 farmers make a living from cocoa cultivation Flavors: Predominantly fruity, native, slightly acidic Even if less than 0.5% of the cocoa exported worldwide comes from Madagascar, it has a lot to offer: According to ICCO (International Cocoa Organization), Madagascar exports 100% fine flavor cocoa! So it's no coincidence that Madagascar, as the country of origin, has a steadily growing chocolate fan club. And this despite the fact that fine flavor cocoa was only introduced to Madagascar after French colonization in the 1800s. Originally grown on the east coast, cocoa farmers soon recognized the great potential of the northwestern Sambirano Valley. The combination of the natural minerals, the good soil quality, the microclimate, as well as the flora, fauna and topography form a unique "terroir" in which the fine, fruity flavors of the fine flavor cocoa can develop wonderfully.

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About Theyo

As a social startup, we not only want to sell the best products, we also want to help create global trade justice. Our goal is to make the chocolate world a better place by distributing responsibly manufactured products and promoting more conscious chocolate enjoyment. The protection of original varieties, biodiversity and fair prices - well above world market prices - are therefore our focus!

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