Our tips for the best last-minute gifts

Unsere Tipps für die besten Last-Minute-Geschenke

Holidays, birthdays and especially Christmas have the nasty habit of coming unexpectedly every year. And so a last-minute gift panic breaks out regularly. Corona and delayed delivery times don't make the situation any better either. But don't worry, because the stress has an end here and now! We will help you to find the right gifts and of course we have not skimped on (good) suggestions. It's a wild mix of things that you could have delivered quickly, probably get in your town, or just make yourself at home. 

The right mindset

Before we start, you should get in the right mood. It's best to put on some music and see the whole thing from a different perspective: a last-minute gift doesn't just mean stress, but also a nice challenge at the end of the year ;-) . Of course it would also be nice to give away something well thought out and well planned (for example from the Theyo shop ). Especially if you know exactly that the recipient would be happy about it. But unfortunately the train has left. And look at it this way: the last-minute gifts put you to the test and the joy is all the greater when they turn out to be good gifts. And to find exactly this, we will now help you.

Last minute gifts from the heart

From our point of view, the most important thing when giving presents is a good dose of empathy. So think about what the recipients do all day, what they still need to be happy and what they already like to do. With these considerations in mind, we will now go through some ideas and make suggestions.

At work

Even if it's not (always) nice: many people spend most of their time at work. So think about what a working day looks like for the recipient of the gift. Do you go to work every day or do you (currently) mostly work from home? Is there something you regularly complain about (not counting the many hours of work ;-) ). Maybe they would be happy about good noise protection headphones? Or a pretty and fair bottle for the office or in the home office? Here we can recommend you Soulbottle with a clear conscience. What definitely unites all recipients: everyone likes chocolate! So how about a really good portion of nerve food? Either in the form of a box or delivered directly to your home 3 months subscription ! From our point of view, it can't get any better :-D and best of all: we have a voucher template, as soon as you have ordered the subscription, you will receive a PDF voucher for printing directly in your mailbox just in time before Christmas.

In leisure time

Luckily, most of them have their well-deserved leisure time alongside their work. What do gift recipients like to do in the meantime? Do you like reading? How about a book subscription or – oldie but goldie – a library card? How about painting ceramics together, making a Japanese garden in a glass or learning to make vegan cheese ;-) . Whether on site or digital. Your creativity knows no bounds! By the way, we regularly offer “open tastings”. But a joint tasting for two with a chocolate box is always a good idea!


More than ever we go for a walk in the Theyo team. We go for walks with our friends, have walking meetings and are otherwise – especially in winter – out and about as much as possible. So how about a really goodcoffee-to-go mug that not only looks good, but was also produced sustainably from coffee shells. The recipients are also on the road so much? Be it in your free time or on the way to work? Then free months for audio books or music streaming services could also be a nice gift

Give away something eatable or drinkable

You don't know too much about the gift recipients? Then something edible or drinkable is (almost) always a good idea. Maybe you can find out if the recipients like something in particular. Cheese, wine, beer, gin, chocolate? You can usually get all of this – or put it together in a box – in larger cities at the last minute or have it ready as a voucher. A voucher for the Theyo shop, for example, includes chocolates, the right drinks and good chocolate literature. But we can also warmly recommend the Nobelhart & Schmutzig online shop. If you live in Berlin, you could also check out Archipel. Last but not least, we are big KambuCha fans. If this also applies to the gift recipients, a Bouche subscription would be great!
the best sustainable subscription: a chocolate subscription

experiences instead of gifts

For the bigger budget 💸

It is often not the material gifts that bring the greatest joy. Above all, these are shared experiences that you can enjoy. Go to the cinema, the theater or a concert together. Or visit a museum together and round it off with a nice visit to a restaurant. The Corona situation doesn't allow it or are you scattered in different places? Then give avirtual chocolate tasting as a gift - anyone can do this from their own sofa and you are united in enjoyment. Do you like to be out in nature? There is bound to be a beautiful national park or large forest in your area too. Combined with an overnight stay or a nice picnic, the gift is already perfect.

For the small budget 🎒

Would you like to give something as a gift, but only have a small budget? Get creative and see what's possible in your city or area. Many cities have free museum Sundays. Combined with a good coffee and the organization of the afternoon are a great gift even for a small budget. Organize a picnic in the park or at a particularly beautiful vantage point, organize a nice film evening at your place, cook or bake (e.g. the best chocolate cookies ) for the recipient. Ultimately, it is above all the beautiful idea that counts. And that's exactly what the gift recipients will really appreciate!

Theyo Last Minute Gifts Tip:

Is your gift really last-minute? Most of the ideas above can also be given away in the form of a voucher. Of course, we recommend a voucher for the chocolate subscription or our chocolate shop . You can simply print these out at home and – if there is still some time left – color them in nicely. But vouchers for a joint activity, "crowd-farmed" olive oil or a movie night are always a great idea. Very important here: make a note of which vouchers you have given away and by when you plan to redeem them. Because giving a present is often at least as nice as receiving a nice present or a great experience!

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