Expensive chocolate: 5 reasons why it should cost at least €5

Teure Schokolade: 5 Gründe, warum sie mindestens 5€ kosten sollte
At our tastings, the participants are often irritated. A chocolate for 5€ with not even 50g? We know this feeling very well, as at the beginning of our own chocolate journey we were a little disturbed by the high prices. However, if you take a closer look at the long way that the cocoa bean takes until it becomes chocolate, €5 seems very little. And not only that! Fine chocolate has much more to offer. What? Find out here!

#1 The taste

With fine chocolate, this speaks for itself. Because the "chocolaty" aromas are only the absolute basis. Fine chocolates come with over 400 different flavors. Experts say they have even more flavors than wine. Have you ever tasted fruity or floral notes in chocolate? No? The time has come! Once you get used to the fine chocolate aromas, you won't want to do without them anymore. By the way: fine dark chocolate is usually not bitter at all! Here you can find out where the bitterness in supermarket chocolate comes from. And fine chocolate is of course available here ;-)

good chocolate has its price

#2 The social-ecological standards

Fine chocolate is better for you, for the environment and for the people who make it. And in this case, better actually means: just good enough. Because for supermarket chocolate , nature and people are downright overexploited . Wages below the poverty line lead to child labor and child slavery, as well as clearing of forests to gain fertile soil for cocoa cultivation. Ultimately, this downward spiral can only be influenced by conscious consumer decisions. Otherwise, large corporations will probably continue to ignore the problems in their supply chain. Manufacturers of fine chocolate, on the other hand, rely on fine cocoa beans from sustainable cultivation, often even on "old" varieties. By processing old varieties, biodiversity is supported. In addition, rare animal species often find a home in the permaculture farms of the fine cocoa. And not only that: sustainable cocoa cultivation is not only good for the soil, the cocoa plantations even store CO2. As a result, many fine chocolates can be produced in a climate-neutral manner.

sustainable chocolate has its price

#3 The 'Longevity'

The taste of fine chocolate never lets go of many who have tried it. Not just because they are so delicious. But also because they have a much longer aftertaste than supermarket chocolates with their artificial flavors. As a result, you eat significantly less fine chocolate and thus have something of it for much longer. By the way: compared to supermarket chocolate, fine chocolate usually has a much longer best-before date. This is mainly because they don't use cheap (animal) substitute fats that go rancid over time. Fine chocolates get by with just a few, high-quality ingredients.

expensive chocolate lasts longer

#4 The health

Fine chocolate consists mainly of fine cocoa beans. And it is precisely these that researchers attest that they have many positive aspects for health. The cocoa butter is often particularly emphasized. And it is precisely this that is often substituted in supermarket chocolate. With fine chocolate, on the other hand, additional cocoa butter is often added. In addition, fine chocolate contains no refined sugar and is free of artificial or chemical additives. Dark, fine chocolate in particular is considered an immune booster , stress killer and is said to strengthenheart health .


#5 The perspective

You quickly pay €2-3 for a coffee-to-go, although coffee is much easier to produce than chocolate. In addition, chocolate is and will remain a luxury good. Seen from this perspective, compared to other luxury products such as wine or sparkling wine, it is a real bargain.

time out with chocolate and a coffee

Expensive chocolate does not automatically make it good!

One note at the end: that fine chocolate has to be expensive has hopefully become clear after reading these points. On the other hand, this does not mean that expensive chocolate is always fine and fair. Here you can find out how you can tell that you have a good piece of chocolate in your hand! Would you like to learn more about really good chocolate or taste the best chocolate in the world? Then you should take a closer look at our tasting boxes or our team events .

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