Give yourself and your loved ones mindful breaks for more inner peace with our mindfulness box!

“Cacaomoments – Your mindfulness box for inner peace” is a lovingly put together treasure chest for self-care and inner peace. The mindfulness box contains hand-picked, fine chocolate products that appeal to all your senses. Enjoy the chocolatey delicacies and go on a mindful, inner journey with the chocolate meditations developed especially for this box.

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The Mindfulness Box – This is what awaits you:

  • 9 lovingly created meditations that accompany you during your breaks with the chocolate products for more inner peace
  • Three exquisite bean-to-bar chocolates from different countries
  • Caramelized cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic
  • 100% Ceremony Cacao from Ecuador
  • A spice mixture for the cacao ceremony consisting of cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, allspice, cardamom
  • Cocoa shell tea from Ecuador
  • 1 tasting booklet with instructions for tasting

Our mindfulness box is your key to a unique inner and mindful journey . We attach great importance to fair and sustainable production so that you can appreciate not only the chocolate, but also the origin of the cocoa.

Exquisite chocolate products

In our mindfulness box you will find three selected chocolates from different countries, a cocoa shell tea, caramelized cocoa beans, ceremony cocoa and the appropriate meditations. Each chocolate product has its unique flavors and characteristics for you to discover.

Digital platform with meditations for more inner peace

Our online platform offers you a variety of meditations for different sensory experiences to achieve inner peace . Experience very special cocoa moments to arrive completely at you and in the moment.

nachhaltiges geschenk schokolade

Fair and sustainable production

We attach great importance to fairly traded and sustainably produced chocolate products. This means you can not only enjoy the taste, but also experience our chocolate products with a clear conscience.

kundengeschenk schokolade

Enjoyment alone or together

You have the choice to enjoy the tasting alone in the peace and quiet at home or to share it with friends. No matter which option you choose, the chocolate experience will be unforgettable .

direktversand beschenkte

Tasting tips and instructions

On our platform you will find helpful tasting tips that will help you optimally taste the chocolates and taste the unique aromas. In our FAQ section we answer frequently asked questions and offer you additional information that will expand your chocolate knowledge.

More than just a chocolate tasting

Minh N

"The mindfulness box is exactly the right thing to calm down after a stressful everyday life. The meditations help me to forget about everyday life for a moment and to immerse myself in a pleasurable world. Of course, the chocolate products are also suitable for enjoyment and are great yummy!"


"I love chocolate! With the mindfulness box I get a completely different connection to the products and can enjoy them to the full. The meditations are also good for in between, to have peace and calm down. Great product!"

Maria M.

"What a creative and great idea! With the different meditations I have the feeling of going on a wonderful journey and the feeling of enjoying and appreciating the chocolate products on a deep level. The products are very carefully selected and very delicious. I I think that the variation in the meditations and products makes the whole thing very varied!"

Healthy snacks during breaks and the right meditations even in stressful moments

The box contains suitable meditations for the products, which enable you to experience deep inner peace and serenity while enjoying them and to embark on an inner journey with the chocolate products.

Our box offers you the opportunity to create mindful islands of calm - an invitation to you to consciously enjoy the little moments in life.

We call these very special moments cacao moments. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of fine chocolate products and enjoy your very own cocoa moments .

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Your chocolate tasting platform: Find your chocolate routines through islands of silence

A wealth of knowledge and meditations on the different chocolate products await you on our digital Cacaomomente platform.

Immerse yourself in a world with all your senses. You can let our guide guide you through the mindful tastings or decide for yourself when you want to do the meditations.

Depending on whether you feel like a ceremonial cocoa, a piece of chocolate, a cup of cocoa shell tea or caramelized cocoa beans as a break snack, you will find the right meditation for very special cocoa moments on our platform.

Whether it's a short break in between or for your morning routine - let yourself be enchanted by the world of delicious, fine chocolate products and immerse yourself in a sensory journey for more inner peace .

To the mindfulness box

A special gift for chocolate lovers

Our mindfulness box is not only a pleasure experience for yourself, but also a unique gift for other chocolate lovers.

Be it as a creative, mindful gift for your best friend, as a sustainable company gift or for appreciative moments with the family: with our mindfulness box you will experience a sensory journey of inner peace. Give the opportunity to explore the world of chocolate in an individual way and to experience very special cocoa moments .

schokoladen tasting online

DIY chocolate boxes

Become a chocolate connoisseur with our DIY chocolate tasting

Would you like to find out more about chocolate tasting? And preferably at your own pace? Then our DIY chocolate tasting box is just right for you!

Discover the variety of fine chocolate and its flavors, its production, its origin and much more!

For DIY chocolate tasting

Meet your chocolate hosts


Our co-founder Moritz has already visited different cocoa countries of origin and takes you on an exciting journey to the cocoa trees.

tasting berlin host madita


Our co-founder Madita is not only enthusiastic about chocolate, but above all about the socio-ecological conditions and gives you exciting insights into the chocolate sector.


Ngoc An Cao is a certified systemic coach for highly sensitive women at Heiwa ZEN and dedicates herself to the topic of mindful chocolate enjoyment as an inner sensory journey at Theyo and privately.

Ciao cocoa!

We look forward to hearing from you

Moritz little Bornhorst

Chocolate Eating Officer

Phone: +49 (0)30 4036376 50
Email: hello[at]

Our tastings as a gift idea

Our (digital) chocolate tastings are the ideal gift idea for your team, friends or family. Book your tasting directly or contact us and we will issue you a gift voucher. The gifted person - or your whole team - can choose between our diverse tasting options. The perfect voucher for your group event!

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Chocolate Tasting Boxes

In addition to our different tastings, you can order our delicious chocolate tasting boxes - consisting of the finest original chocolate - from us in the Theyo shop. These are also suitable as a perfect gift for your loved ones - whether for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding or as a gift for in between. Our chocolate boxes are suitable for every occasion and make the hearts of all chocolate fans beat faster.

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