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We at Theyo know: With good taste it's actually quite simple - you only take the best of everything! True to this motto, we offer you nothing less than the best chocolate products in the world for your employees and teams.

Our selected products are sure to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Whether as a delicious highlight for the office, as high-quality nerve food for meetings, or as an original thank you for your employees on a birthday or company anniversary - we have the most delicious offer for every occasion. With our chocolate products, every small snack break becomes a real taste experience.

By the way, here you can find out why Spotify is giving away our Theyo boxes as an employee gift for the 'Spotiversary'.

Enjoyment with a clear conscience

We attach great importance to transparent trade, fair working conditions and sustainable cultivation methods. More information is available here.

support small businesses

High-quality products from artisanal companies from all over the world.

Individual offer

Whether it's a small gift, nourishment for the office or a personal thank you: our offers can be customized on request.

Maximum success, minimum effort

Whether it's an employee gift or an office snack: in our collaboration, we strive for nothing less than the perfect chocolaty result!

Chocolate references

Charlotte Karli. HR Marketing Specialist, BNP Paribas Real Estate

"The Theyo team gave us great advice from the idea to implementation and ensured that everything went smoothly. Our employees were very happy about the chocolate surprise.”

Katharina Kandt, Senior Advisor to the Chair, OSCE

“Working with Theyo was uncomplicated and the processing was incredibly fast. The feedback from the ministers was very positive, everyone was happy about the delicious change!"

Claudia Semeraro, Partner Manager, SumUp 

“It was clear to me: I don't want to give away standard chocolate Santa Clauses. It had to be something special and high quality, something that surprises.”

A gift for every occasion

Can't find the right box for all the chocolate? No problem! Just get in touch with us and together we will find the perfect chocolate gift!

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Say it with Chocolate

We all know how nice it feels when someone makes us feel valued. And what better way to express such appreciation than with a Theyo gift box? Whether as a birthday present, for Christmas or for a great project completion - with our boxes you have the perfect gift for your employees . Depending on your budget and occasion, our gift boxes contain a fine selection of handcrafted products with vegan options.

In 3 steps to a chocolate employee gift

We are not a marketplace or intermediary - with us everything comes from a single source! Get in touch with us and we will personally take care of the most delicious chocolate experience!

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Get in touch with us with initial ideas and contact details.

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We'll get back to you promptly with creative gift ideas.

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You relax and we organize the rest.

Ciao cocoa!

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Moritz little Bornhorst

Chocolate Eating Officer

Phone: +49 (0)30 4036376 50

Why employee gifts in 2022?

Surprise meets pleasure

With Theyo employee gifts, not only your employees benefit, but also their relatives and families. Because a chocolate box is not only a great gift, it is above all a pleasurable experience that many are happy to share with friends and family.

Personal touch in a business context

Gifts - especially in a business context - should be personal and appropriate. After all, it is about showing the employees that they are valued. It doesn't matter whether you're celebrating a milestone, saying goodbye to a colleague or just want to say thank you: Chocolate gifts for your employees are always a good idea!

Maintaining relationships for team spirit

Especially in times of remote work, maintaining relationships with the team is more important than ever! Encourages communication and appreciation with thoughtful, curated gifts for colleagues.

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