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Pure cocoa pleasure! The best that fine cocoa beans have to offer: Our delicious snacks made from the finest cocoa!


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theyo cool beans karamellisierte kakaobohnentheyo-cool beans karamellisierte kakaobohnen
Cool Beans - caramelized cocoa beans Sale priceFrom €4,50(€11,25/100g)
Caramelized cocoa nibs
Caramelized cocoa nibs Sale price€6,90(€6,90/100g)
Cacao Nibs - Pure & Roasted
Cacao Nibs - Pure & Roasted Sale price€5,90(€5,90/100g)
theyo kakaoschalentee vegan
Cocoa shell tea Sale price€5,00(€5,00/100g)

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Our love for cacao - beans to be precise - is why we started Theyo. We even chose our name 'Theo' based on that. Because the name 'Theobroma Cacao', derived from the Greek, stands for the origin of cocoa: the cocoa tree.

And so it is hardly surprising that we have focused on enjoying cocoa beans and nibs from the very beginning. Because we simply love everything that the cocoa tree offers. And in addition to delicious chocolates, there are of course the original, little processed products: the beans and the resulting nibs.

Original Flavors

Even if cocoa beans and cocoa nibs are the basis for chocolate, you should not get the wrong idea: the cocoa beans are not creamy or melty like chocolate and their flavors are not exactly subtle. Instead, they come with a lot of flavor, wonderfully crunchy and with an intense chocolatey cocoa taste! Ideal as a snack and – thanks to the natural theobromine – pleasantly invigorating.

What are cocoa beans?

The cacao beans are the seeds of the cacao pods that grow on cacao trees. By the way, you can find more about the cultivation, the harvest and the further processing steps on the way to chocolate on our blog. The cocoa beans that our crunchy snacks are all about are fermented and roasted cocoa seeds. Cocoa nibs, in turn, are crushed, roasted pieces of these cocoa beans. Both are equally delicious!

Are cocoa beans healthy as a snack?

Cocoa is considered a so-called superfood. Cocoa beans are said to have health-promoting properties, contain antioxidants and be rich in iron, calcium and magnesium. They are also said to be a source of flavanols and are high in fiber. What more could you ask for in a snack?

What is the difference between cacao beans and cacao nibs?

Many of you may know cacao nibs from the (organic) supermarket.
But whole cocoa beans? These are practically the precursor to cocoa nibs, the purest type of cocoa. Both the nibs and the cocoa beans are gently roasted and - depending on the variety - covered with a hint of caramelized cane or coconut blossom sugar. Even with a coating, the beans and nibs are comparatively low in sugar. At the same time, they come with a strong cocoa taste that you have probably never tasted before!

"How do you eat them?"

We get asked that again and again! And there are no limits to your creativity! We can recommend simply snacking on the cocoa beans and nibs – pure or caramelized. But they are also a delicious source of energy as part of a snack mix or a trail mix with nuts and dried fruit!