Caramelized cocoa nibs

Crispy, aromatic cocoa nibs of the Arriba Nacional variety, caramelized by hand in coconut blossom sugar. Slightly tart with a floral note, nuances of nuts, coffee and vanilla. Whether as a snack in between or as a chocolaty, crunchy addition to muesli: the nibs are a real source of energy.
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What makes the perfect snack? We think it should be delicious, crunchy and surprising - and preferably addictive. Do you agree? Then the cacao nibs from Ecuador are guaranteed to be a hit! The cocoa beans ripen in northern Ecuador, in harmony with nature, in the middle of a protected reserve. The flavorful organic beans are nibbed and gently roasted - giving them the perfect crunch. They are caramelized by hand with fine coconut blossom sugar until they are perfectly delicious ... so let's go straight into the bag again!

By the way: here you can find out how healthy cacao nibs really are and what you should know about nibs.

Type of bean: Arriba Nacional

Aromas: caramel, strong chocolate aromas

Ecuador 🇪🇨
Direct Trade:
Dark chocolate with inclusions
Weitere Eigenschaften:
Lactose-free, soy-free, without emulsifiers, gluten-free


We at Theyo have specialized in the production and curation of chocolate products made from traceable and transparently traded fine flavor cocoa. Each cacao bean has a unique flavor profile that is influenced by climate, soil and farm management. We love these original flavors and try to bring them out in all our products. No artificial flavors and additives, no frills, but with fair and sustainable supply chains!


Cocoa production: Cocoa cultivation: 100,000 families Cultivation regions: Guayas, Los Ríos, Manabi, Esmeraldas Ecuadors, Guayaquil became the world's first cocoa port after the export ban was lifted and the era of the Ecuadorian cocoa monopoly began. The cocoa trade prospered until the 1920s, when a disease spoiled the cocoa crop and the effects of the stock market crash brought the cocoa industry to its knees and devastated it. It was only decades later that the government managed to promote cocoa production through subsidies. This was mainly due to the predominant stock of fine flavor cocoa Nacional Arriba. The perfect mix of climate, terrain and equatorial location give Ecuadorian cocoa beans their special flavors.

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About Theyo

As a social startup, we not only want to sell the best products, we also want to help create global trade justice. Our goal is to make the chocolate world a better place by distributing responsibly manufactured products and promoting more conscious chocolate enjoyment. The protection of original varieties, biodiversity and fair prices - well above world market prices - are therefore our focus!

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