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Chocolate tasting packages as a gift idea or as an introduction to the world of fine chocolate - try the variety of the world's best manufacturers and find your future favorite chocolate.


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Chocolate outlet boxtheyo schoko probierpaket outlet schokoladen rabatt
Chocolate outlet box Sale price€30,00 Regular price€55,00
theyo schoko probierpaket 100 prozent schokoladen
'Chocolate Made by Women' chocolate box'Chocolate Made by Women' chocolate box
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Chocolate outlet boxtheyo schoko probierpaket outlet schokoladen rabatt
Chocolate outlet box Sale price€20,00 Regular price€35,00
theyo schoko probierpaket milchschokoladen edelschokoladen
Tasting box 'MIXED' Sale priceFrom €17,90
diy tastingDIY chocolate tasting
DIY chocolate tasting Sale price€39,00
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Chocolate outlet boxtheyo schoko probierpaket outlet schokoladen rabatt
Chocolate outlet box Sale price€7,00 Regular price€14,00
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International Women's Day Tasting BoxInternational Women's Day Tasting Box
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Tasting box 'Around the world in 70%'theyo schoko probierpaket 70 prozent schokoladen
Cacao moments – mindfulness box (incl. meditation)Cacao moments – mindfulness box (incl. meditation)
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theyo schoko probierpaket philippinische schokoladen
Tasting box 'Taste of the Philippines' Sale price€10,00 Regular price€15,00
theyo schoko probierpaket dunkle edelschokoladen
Tasting box 'Chocolate Originals'theyo schoko probierpaket chocolate originals ursprungshersteller
Meet the Maker: Latitude aus Uganda
theyo schoko probierpaket afrikanische schokoladen
Tasting Box 'El Cacao'theyo schoko probierpaket südamerika schokoladen
Tasting Box 'El Cacao' Sale price€30,00
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Meet the Maker: Manoa aus Hawaii
Meet the Maker: Manoa aus Hawaii Sale price€26,00 Regular price€28,80
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'No Sugar, Daddy' tasting boxtheyo schoko probierpaket zuckerfreie schokoladen
Theyo Kinderbox GemischtTheyo Kinderbox Gemischt
Theyo Kinderbox Gemischt Sale price€39,00
Theyo Kinderbox VeganTheyo Kinderbox Vegan
Theyo Kinderbox Vegan Sale price€39,00
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100% enjoyment guarantee

The ideal gift for yourself, for your friends and all (future) chocolate fans!

Inspiring pleasure

Perfect for chocolate newbies and professionals: let yourself be inspired and find your new favorite chocolate!

liebevoll ausgewählte schokolade

Lovingly curated

Only fair and sustainable chocolate products find their way into our boxes.

culinary journey

Once you dive into the fascinating world of fine flavor cocoa, it can quickly become complex. It's surprising how many varieties there are and how different single-origin chocolate can taste - even from the same country of origin. As with coffee and wine, the growing area plays a key role in how the taste of the cocoa beans – and thus also the chocolate – develops.

But that's not all: Our multiple award-winning partner manufacturers are bursting with creativity and the urge to innovate. Whether local fruit or exciting milk alternatives - our chocolate tasting packages offer a lot to discover. And no less than the best chocolates in the world!


To support you on your voyage of discovery into the world of fine chocolate, we are happy to take you by the hand: After we have tasted chocolate from all over the world, we have put together various tasting packages for you on specific topics: For example, you can try a chocolaty Go on a trip around the world, discover a specific country, or find purely vegan combinations with milk alternatives or sugar-free chocolate. You are already die-hard chocolate experts: Then maybe the 100% chocolate sample package is something for you. More cocoa is not possible!


Our curated chocolate boxes for Christmas are sample packages that we have put together based on different aroma characteristics, exciting countries of origin or specific taste preferences. Depending on the preferences of the recipient, you will find exactly the right gift for Christmas.


Would you like to surprise yourself or your loved ones with monthly chocolate subscriptions? We think: A chocolate subscription is the best gift idea - it could be from us 😉. Because with the chocolate subscription, the recipients go on a culinary taste excursion every month and get to know flavors that they have never tasted in chocolate. A nice side effect for real chocoholics: You no longer have to worry about the chocolate supply running out. You can be sure of your best friend badge! By the way: Our subscription is also perfect as a last-minute gift, because you get the gift voucher digitally to print out.

Safety first: A chocolate voucher

You just can't decide or you're running late? Only one thing is clear: Chocolate is always the right choice!? No problem! We have the perfect solution ready: With a voucher you are on the safe side. The recipients can order the finest chocolates from us themselves from the tastiest types of chocolate and at the time of their choice (aka empty chocolate cupboard). The voucher is conveniently available for different budgets and you can print it out yourself!

FAQ about our trial packages

Your most frequently asked questions about our trial packages. 📣