'Chocolate Made by Women' chocolate box

Instead of flowers: the tastiest women's day gift! There's chocolate for St. Nicholas, Christmas and Easter. We also want to establish this tradition on International Women's Day - but with a little twist: On Women's Day there is a full boom of the finest fine chocolate exclusively from women-run manufacturers. You can find out exactly what that means in the product description below!
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The gift box only contains products that are made by women or where women are active in particularly important and equal roles in the supply chain.


In keeping with this year's IWD motto "Embrace Equality", we focused on products in which women were equally involved, from farm management to fermentation to chocolate production. This means that we looked for chocolates where women were equally involved in decision-making processes and/or received fair (equal) remuneration for their work.


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Direct Trade:
Dark chocolate
Weitere Eigenschaften:
Lactose free, gluten free


We at Theyo have specialized in the production and curation of chocolate products made from traceable and transparently traded fine flavor cocoa. Each cacao bean has a unique flavor profile that is influenced by climate, soil and farm management. We love these original flavors and try to bring them out in all our products. No artificial flavors and additives, no frills, but with fair and sustainable supply chains!

Origin Matters

The origin of the cocoa is of central importance for our boxes in several respects: In terms of taste, since the variety of aromas in chocolate, similar to coffee or wine, depends to a large extent on the geographical and climatic conditions in the country of origin of the cocoa. And socially and ecologically, because good chocolate is only really good if it promotes global fairness, local added value and work on an equal footing.

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Über Theyo

Als Social Startup wollen wir nicht nur die besten Produkte vertreiben, sondern auch daran mitwirken globale Handelsgerechtigkeit zu schaffen. Unser Ziel ist es, die Schokoladenwelt besser zu machen, indem wir verantwortungsvoll hergestellte Produkte vertreiben und uns für einen bewussteren Schokoladengenuss einsetzen. Der Schutz ursprünglicher Sorten, Biodiversität und faire Preise – weit über Weltmarktpreisen – sind deshalb unser Fokus! 

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