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We think: Drinking chocolate can be enjoyed at any time, not just in the cold winter months. For example, as "Iced Chocolate" it can be a refreshing alternative to hot drinks while providing the chocolate taste we love so much.

We have a selection of vegan single-origin drinking chocolates with a cocoa content of 70% to sugar-free chocolate drops with 100% cocoa.

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Chocolate Shaker Starter Kit (shaker + drinking chocolate)Chocolate Shaker Starter Kit (shaker + drinking chocolate)
theyo vegane-trinkschokolade 100 prozent peru cuscotheyo vegane trinkschokolade drops
theyo vegane trinkschokolade 82 prozent kolumbien arhuacotheyo vegane trinkschokolade drops
82% drinking chocolate Arhuaco (Colombia) Sale priceFrom €14,90(€7,45/100g)
theyo vegane trinkschokolade 75 prozent peru piura75% drinking chocolate Piura (Peru)
75% drinking chocolate Piura (Peru) Sale priceFrom €14,90(€7,45/100g)
theyo vegane trinkschokolade 70 prozent kongo virunga70% drinking chocolate Virunga (Congo)
70% drinking chocolate Virunga (Congo) Sale priceFrom €14,90(€7,45/100g)
theyo chocolate shakertheyo trinkschokolade single origin
Chocolate shakers Sale price€30,00
100% Ceremony Cacao (cocoa mass)100% Ceremony Cacao (cocoa mass)
100% Ceremony Cacao (cocoa mass) Sale priceFrom €14,90(€7,45/100g)
Trinkschokoladen-Probier-Set mit ShakerTrinkschokoladen-Probier-Set mit Shaker
Sold out
Pumpkin Pie Gewürz für TrinkschokoladePumpkin Pie Gewürz für Trinkschokolade
Pumpkin Pie Gewürz für Trinkschokolade Sale priceFrom €3,00(€1,50/100g)

100% Fair

Fairly & sustainably manufactured

100% Vegan

Vegan & without additives

100% enjoyment

Pure & unadulterated cocoa enjoyment

High quality vegan hot chocolate from Theyo

The quality of a hot chocolate not only depends on the type of beans and excellent processing, for us it starts with sustainable cultivation. That is, with the conditions under which the beans are harvested and a trading relationship on an equal footing.

The chocolate products we offer are characterized not only by their excellent taste, but also by their production under the highest social and ecological standards. At Theyo, we attach great importance to the origin of the chocolate, which goes hand in hand with appreciation for the farmers and the country of origin, as well as the high quality of the drinking chocolate and the delicious taste.

What is special about drinking chocolate?

Drinking chocolate is good for the soul because it actively contributes to relaxation due to its mood-enhancing and stress-inhibiting substances. Many people also appreciate drinking chocolate as an alternative to a coffee break. Because the cocoa bean, which is rich in vital substances, is not only delicious, but also healthy. Cocoa beans contain magnesium - the mineral for the heart and circulation. Because we use dark, vegan drinking chocolate for our Theyo drinking chocolate, it also contributes to your well-being. The higher the cocoa content, the more flavor and health benefits!

Where does your drinking chocolate come from?

We trusted Original Beans to produce our drinking chocolates. We have been big fans of the brand from Amsterdam for several years, which manages to combine quality and sustainability like few others. And just this year, Original Beans were even awarded the Golden Egg Award, distinguishing them from the masses of chocolate manufacturers as the most socially and environmentally sustainable brand. We are therefore really proud to work with Original Beans!

What is the difference between drinking chocolate and cocoa?

Why do we use the term “drinking chocolate” so consistently and not cocoa? Drinking chocolate is hot chocolate made from melted chocolate, which you can melt in (plant) milk or water and which therefore has a very intense chocolate taste. Cocoa, on the other hand, uses cocoa powder. To make cocoa powder, some of the cocoa butter is removed, which is why cocoa powder contains fewer good fats than drinking chocolate. When it comes to the preparation of drinking chocolate and cocoa, there are different types and, above all, different quality classes.

What is the best drinking chocolate?

A clear case for us: our drinking chocolate. 😇 But if we look at the whole thing more generally, we can state that dark chocolate contains little sugar and calories and is also better than the lighter version against stress. Our high-quality dark drinking chocolate also scores with extra good cocoa butter, which is not only healthy, but also makes your mouth feel nice. Incidentally, drinking chocolate made from fine flavor cocoa tastes particularly delicious, since ecological cultivation conditions, appreciation for farmers are guaranteed and very special flavors come to the fore.

How healthy is dark drinking chocolate?

Fortunately, mood-enhancing and stress-inhibiting substances such as flavonoids can also be found in cocoa beans. In other words: the higher the cocoa content, the better the anti-stress effect. Not only is dark chocolate the best anti-stress agent, but it's also low in sugar, making it healthier. Drinking chocolate every day keeps your heart and blood vessels healthy! The flavonoids it contains have a beneficial effect on blood pressure, insulin levels and cholesterol levels.

Of course, drinking chocolate does not replace periods of recovery and is by no means a sensible stress management strategy. In moderation and with the highest possible cocoa content, however, it can provide relief in stressful situations. Current studies show that it lowers cortisol levels and promotes the release of happiness hormones. And most importantly, it tastes delicious!

No, honestly: the feel-good factor should not be underestimated either. Take a few minutes and consciously enjoy a sip of hot chocolate. So your body not only releases happiness hormones, but you automatically treat yourself to a moment of rest and distance from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Try it!

Smooth drinking chocolate in seconds

You don't want to miss out on delicious chocolate treats, but don't have much time to prepare them? Then our chocolate shaker is just right for you. You can use it to prepare smooth, lump-free and airy drinking chocolate in less than 10 seconds - guaranteed fun. The Chocolate Shaker is microwave safe, easy to clean, dishwasher safe and specially developed for drinking chocolate. You can find instructions on how to prepare it here. 👇🏻

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