Chocolate shakers

How to prepare smooth, lump-free and delicious drinking chocolate in less than 10 seconds? With fun, joy and our great Chocolate Shaker. Shake it 'til you make it!


Lump-free & creamy indulgence


Dishwasher and microwave safe


Pressure-reducing pop-up lid

Shaker Fans

Hannes S

Just awesome

"Really good thing. For mixing, shaking at home and on the go. Fits in enough and the smart closure is just ingenious. No lumps, pressure equalization with hot drinks and even dishwasher safe!"

Minh N

great shaker

This shaker is great! Very practical for on the go or if you just have to go fast. The chocolate drops dissolve evenly by shaking vigorously so that no lumps form.

kakaoshaker quote

Katie B

Totally practical

The shaker is totally practical when there is little time at work and I urgently need a (delicious) break. Super easy to prepare and just perfect with the Theyo cocoa!

5 reasons why you will love the shaker

With our chocolate shaker for hot chocolate, you can quickly and easily prepare smooth, fluffy iced chocolate, milkshakes and hot drinking chocolate from anywhere, be it at home or in the office.

#1 Super smooth drinking chocolate in 10 seconds 🤌
With the Chocolate Shaker you can prepare wonderfully smooth, lump-free and frothy drinking chocolate - super quick and easy!

#2 Super versatile 🤹
Because the Chocolate Shaker is perfect for any type of (plant) milk or for preparation with hot water.

#3 Super easy to clean

The Chocolate Shaker is easy to clean and even dishwasher safe.

#4 Super imaginative 💡
The Chocolate Shaker was specially developed to prepare the perfect drinking chocolate and is the first of its kind. #drinkchocolatebetter

#5 Super tasty 😋
Get creative, invite friends and family, and be inspired by our delicious imaginative recipes.

Chocolate Shaker Party

You can prepare drinking chocolate yourself very easily and in a variety of ways - for you, your team, your family and friends. Because with our chocolate shaker, the preparation of your drinking chocolate becomes a shaker party. Would you like to organize a shaker event as part of a chocolate tasting or mindfulness tasting? Then feel free to contact us!

Prepare hot chocolate easily with the Chocolate Shaker:

Not convinced yet? Wait for it! 🥁

With these 3 simple steps you can prepare the most delicious drinking chocolate in no time:

👉 Fill the shaker with your drinking chocolate (our recommendation: 20g aka 14 drops). Then fill up with warm (plant-based) milk of your choice or water up to the mark.

👉 Tighten the lid & make sure the lid is pushed in . Then you should carefully tilt the shaker again to be sure that the lid is really completely closed.

👉 Shake it, shake it, shake it (don't be alarmed: the lid will now pop open) - for 10 seconds. Then: open the lid, discover the aromas and enjoy.

Drinking chocolate for your shaker

The quality of a drinking chocolate not only depends on the type of bean and the excellent processing, for us it starts with the cultivation, the conditions under which the beans are harvested and a trading relationship on an equal footing.
The drinking chocolate we offer is not only characterized by its delicious taste, but has also been produced under the highest social and ecological standards. At Theyo, we also attach great importance to the origin of the chocolate, which goes hand in hand with the appreciation for the cocoa farmers in the country of origin, the high quality of the drinking chocolate and the delicious taste.

To the drinking chocolate