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Our 3 best hot chocolate recipes

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A warming mug of hot chocolate is just what we need on a rainy fall afternoon or a cold winter weekend...or on a beautiful spring day or a great early summer day. Actually every day. ;-) But while many people think of instant cocoa powder when they think of cocoa, we definitely have better ideas up our sleeve!

The tastiest hot chocolate recipe ideas

We at Theyo are not only chocolate fans, our love for a really good hot chocolate is at least as great. And that's why we've tried an insane amount of hot chocolate over the past few years. Of course, we have the best drinking chocolate for hot chocolate ! But of course our research didn't stop there! We also tried every hot chocolate recipe with potential in our Theyo test kitchen. We have of course shared our favorite recipes with you on our blog. For a better overview, we have compiled 3 recipes for you here. Of course, we base our hot chocolate on the drinking chocolate that we offer. In principle, however, you can use any high-quality chocolate that you have on hand. It may be a little harder to melt, but the taste is still delicious and full-bodied.

Drinking chocolate rosemary & hazelnut

A hot chocolate recipe for hazelnut fans ! Due to the hazelnut milk and rosemary, this recipe is not for lovers of classic hot chocolate. For everyone else, however, the following applies: The hot chocolate made from hazelnuts is not only reminiscent of a really good version of Nutella. It is also vegan, you can of course replace the honey with a sweetener of your choice. We think it fits here perfectly.

delicious hot chocolate recipe
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The slightly different shot

Do you love chocolate with a shot? Then wait until you try this recipe ! Because this drinking chocolate comes with a portion of stout and a touch of chilli. And just like the hot hazelnut chocolate, the same applies to this recipe: If you like, you can conjure up a vegan hot chocolate with this recipe. The recipe also tastes different – ​​but just as good – with cow’s milk. As always, one thing is important: the choice of chocolate. Again, make sure that you use a high-quality variety.

Hot chocolate with dates, cardamom & sea salt

What's better than hot chocolate in winter? Probably just a hot chocolate with dates, cardamom and sea salt . The sweetness of the dates harmonises perfectly with the cardamom and is perfectly complemented by a subtle note of sea salt. We especially like this recipe with oat milk. But as already mentioned in the previous recipes: You know best what kind of "milk" you like :-)
Whichever hot chocolate you choose: make yourself comfortable! We wish you a good appetite (because: a real hot chocolate is like a meal - and that's a good thing).

Hot chocolate recipe

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FAQ drinking chocolate & cocoa

What is the best drinking chocolate?
We are always looking for the best drinking chocolate in the world! Therefore, the note at this point: if you know fair, fine and sustainably produced drinking chocolate, please write to us! We are always happy to get to know new products. From our point of view, we currently have the best sustainable drinking chocolate - sourced and produced by Original Beans! Just incredibly delicious!

What is the difference between hot chocolate and cocoa?
While the distinction is quite clear in other languages, misunderstandings are common in German. Because while we think of hot chocolate exclusively as drinking chocolate made from real chocolate, many other people think of cocoa. The difference is as follows: while hot chocolate – also known as drinking chocolate – consists of melted chocolate, cocoa is made with (instant) cocoa powder. Accordingly, hot chocolate is much more intense and full-bodied and often has a higher cocoa content than “normal” cocoa. Cocoa powder, on the other hand, often contains undesirable additives and usually significantly more sugar. In most supermarket cocoas there is only around 20% cocoa content, the rest is sugar, partly (skimmed) milk powder, emulsifiers, salt and partly added vitamins. But since everything that is aromatic and healthy is in the cocoa content, we are always in favor of real hot chocolate made from melted chocolate! Unfortunately, these are still far too rare in cafés.

What types of hot chocolate are there?

As already mentioned, for us "hot chocolate" consists of fair, fine and sustainable melted chocolate. You can either use the classic dark version (e.g. here ) or really dark hot chocolate (e.g. our sugar-free 100% chocolate drops ). Apart from that there are great hot chocolates with wonderful inclusions from Zotter! We also regularly have these in our chocolate shop. Just stop by!

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