Which cakes are good to freeze?

Wie sich Kuchenstücke am besten einfrieren lassen

At Theyo, we not only love really good chocolate, but also really good cake! We bake like world champions, especially in autumn and winter. And (luckily) there is often still something left over. Do you feel the same way? Here we have put together which cakes you can best freeze and how.

During the lockdowns, like many others, we had more time to bake than ever. At the same time, like everyone else, we had fewer people around us than ever before, who kindly ate the cake with us afterwards. And even though we're happy about a little more cake, we still had to keep our capacity free for chocolate tastings . Even with a good logistics strategy and cake care packages for friends, there was still something left over at the end. Out of necessity, a lot of things were frozen and as a result we became experts on which cakes freeze well. Whether unbaked (cookies, scones, biscuits) or baked (muffins, cookies, brownies, cakes), in this article we share our hard-earned knowledge on the topic of 'freezing cakes' with you. :-)

Which dough can be frozen well?

The all-star for the freezer: cookie dough

All cookie doughs that you form by hand generally freeze well. This does not include, for example, macarons (although these freeze well when baked) and other delicate cookies or pastries. Cookie dough that you have already formed into small balls using an ice cream scoop is particularly easy to freeze (e.g. oatmeal cookies, chocolate cookies ). You can freeze the cookie balls directly on the tray, close together. Once frozen, you can place them in reusable or resealable plastic bags, silicone bags, or use a freezer-safe container. This way you can remove individual cookies and place them directly in the oven. Attention: Since the dough is of course still frozen, you will of course have to allow a few more minutes.

By the way, the recipe for the best chocolate cookies can be found here ;-) (and believe us, we have already tested many recipes!). By the way: We have also made too many cookies and then had to freeze them when baked. A half-thawed cookie also has its charm, especially in summer. But ultimately, nothing beats a freshly baked, warm cookie.

Did you know that if you know your dough well, you don't necessarily have to preheat the oven? At Utopia you will find out exactly what you have to pay attention to and which dough it is even advisable not to preheat the oven. We usually bake the cookies ourselves when we still have residual heat from dinner in the oven. This way we make good use of the heat and have a delicious dessert.

Not a cake, but also great for freezing: scones and cookies

Do you love scones and cookies? Simply make double the amount of dough and freeze the prepared pieces without baking! As with cookies, the following applies here: As soon as you have shaped the dough for the scones and biscuits, you can spread them out on a baking tray and freeze them. You can then transfer them to a bag or airtight container. By the way, we always use a small tray that fits well in our (overfilled) freezers. When you bake the cookies or scones, make sure they go straight from the freezer into the oven. Of course, you should only brush with melted butter or cream when you're actually ready to bake.

Which cakes are good when frozen?

Loaf cakes, cake bases and muffins

In principle, we have found it useful to bake (box) cakes and muffins before freezing them. It is important that muffins and cakes are completely cooled before filling them into Tupperware containers or freezer bags, otherwise a sticky dough consistency that is not particularly tasty will form. When it comes to muffins in particular, we often want to be on the safe side and let them cool all day or overnight so that they don't get soggy. In both cases, the following applies: To protect the baked goods from drying out (freezer burn), they should be packed airtight. In addition, the aromas are better protected and last longer. For easy removal - and more frequent enjoyment - we recommend freezing the pieces of loaf cake individually. If you want to freeze the entire cake, it is a good idea to freeze the cake in a few layers to protect it from freezer burn.

It goes without saying that the cake should be frozen without icing or icing. You can add the icing as soon as you actually serve the cake. To defrost the entire cake, you should allow about 4 to 6 hours at room temperature. Of course, individual pieces go faster. The process can also be sped up somewhat using a microwave – for individual pieces of cake. But be careful: here too you run the risk that, depending on the type, the cake can become soggy!

Brownies and blondies

Now let’s get to our favorites! For an extra portion of chocolate, for the queen of baked goods: for brownies and blondies. Just like with cake, we don't freeze the entire result because we just really want to defrost individual pieces quickly. And just like with baked cookies, the same applies here: we really like thawed brownies or blondies. The slightly thawed consistency is simply delicious! Of course, you can also let them defrost as you wish. After they have thawed a little, you can also consider whether you want to warm them up and enjoy them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Just a suggestion ;-)

Theyo tip:

Whatever you freeze, always remember how to ensure quick access ;-). Although it will of course be great if we can eat cake together with friends and family again soon. There's almost nothing better than doing something good for yourself every now and then. And is there anything nicer than a warm cookie or thawed brownie? From our point of view, almost nothing... except maybe chocolate ! By the way: there are a few things to consider when storing chocolate. What is that? Here we have put together tips for storing chocolate . Don't have any more chocolates to store? Then take a look at our chocolate shop!

FAQ about freezing cakes

How long can you freeze already baked cake?

Your frozen cake will last approximately 4-6 months in the freezer. But let's be honest: even the best-filled freezer is empty again after 2 months.

How long do cakes, brownies etc. take to defrost?

As already mentioned, you should allow approx. 4-6 hours for defrosting. For some cakes it is also a good idea to defrost them a little faster using the oven. However, if you want to be on the safe side, you should let the cake thaw at room temperature.

What is the best way to defrost cake?

It is safest if, as already recommended, you take the cake out of the freezer early, place it on a baking tray or something similar and let it thaw at room temperature. If you have forgotten the cake in the refrigerator compartment or you have an acute craving for a piece of cake, you can defrost it in the microwave using the appropriate program or put it in the oven at a low temperature. However, here you run the risk of the consistency of the cake changing and the end result being a little mushy than desired.

Which cakes freeze well?

Basically, “dry” cakes, i.e. cakes without cream or raw fruit, freeze well. Raw dough for cookies, biscuits and scones can also be frozen wonderfully. You should not freeze cakes or tarts that contain gelatine, as the cold causes them to lose their gelling power. Meringues and macaroons are also not suitable for freezing because they become so tough. You should also not freeze cakes or pastries with buttercream or pudding filling, as freezing will make them watery.

Can marble cake freeze well?

Because marble cake is a dry cake, it freezes very well.

Can chocolate cake freeze well?

Like marble cake, dry chocolate cake, i.e. chocolate cake without cream or similar, freezes very well.

Can you refreeze cake?

We would not recommend refreezing a cake that has already been frozen and thawed once. There is a great risk that it will lose its consistency and become mushy or tough.

Can you freeze cakes with cream (well)?

We would not freeze cakes with cream, buttercream or pudding as experience shows that these become very watery and lose their great creamy consistency. Instead, it's better to freeze the baked dough without cream and prepare cream etc. fresh after thawing.

Should you freeze cakes in aluminum foil?

As long as the cake is sealed airtight, you can definitely use aluminum foil.

Which cake recipes are particularly suitable for freezing?

Well, if you're already asking, we have a few suggestions for you :-)

How about, for example, a slightly different brownie variant, the brownies with halva and tahini ? This quick, moist chocolate cake , our chocolate cookies (especially the raw dough!) and this fluffy banana bread with chocolate also freeze wonderfully!

How long does cake last when frozen?

We recommend not freezing cake for longer than four months, otherwise it will lose its flavor.

Should you freeze cake in a specific container?

It doesn't matter which container you use when freezing - the more sustainable version of reusable containers, classic freezer bags, aluminum foil or cling film - as long as the cake or pastry is sealed airtight. This will prevent freezer burn and the cake from losing flavor.

Header photo by Kittiwat Pheramunchai on Unsplash

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