Really fair chocolates - this is how you find the right one

faire und feine Schokolade
Our first and most important concern at Theyo is to introduce more people to really good chocolate. For us, really good means above all: really fair, sustainably produced and super tasty! Nevertheless, we also know that switching from Milka & Co is not that easy straight away. That's why we're asked more and more often about comparable - but fair - chocolate alternatives.

Which chocolate is right for me?

To find your future favorite chocolate, you can think about which chocolates you have enjoyed most so far. What did you particularly like about her? Was it particularly creamy or particularly intensely chocolatey? Or maybe you don't have a favorite type of chocolate yet and would like to get a fresh start into the world of fine chocolate? In any case, it is important to note what you are generally looking for as a first clue. In the next step you can look at the following list and see what suggestions we make to make the change as easy as possible for you. In any case, it always makes sense to do a small tasting. On the one hand, because it's just fun ;) and on the other hand, because it's the best way to find out what you really like. While you’re at it, always try one or two of your “go-to” regular supermarket chocolates for comparison.

fair, dark chocolate Really fair chocolate? The search is worth it!

Creamy milk chocolate addict

Do you grab Lindt or Milka in the supermarket? Then a delicate melt is what you should be looking for. Here we can particularly recommend Zotter (e.g. 35% Panama), Omnom or Michel Cluizel. For fair and fine chocolate, which you can also find in the (organic) supermarket, we definitely recommend that you try Original Beans or Vivani.
Even if tasting milk chocolate per se is not as exciting as tasting dark chocolate, you can still taste subtle differences here too. We find it particularly exciting to compare light milk chocolates (less than 40% cocoa content) and dark milk chocolates (over 40% cocoa content). The comparison of different types of “milk” is also exciting. In addition to goat's milk and sheep's milk, vegan alternatives such as coconut, rice or oat milk should also be mentioned here. No matter what type of milk chocolate you choose, be sure to try to taste the differences and subtleties. Some milk chocolates taste very milky, while others taste more caramelly or even spicy.

Dark Choco Enthusiast

Are you fans of dark chocolate? But were you always missing something? Or do you simply want to switch to really fair and sustainable chocolate? Look no further ;) We have some ideas for you! For example, if you are a fan of Lindt (especially the “wafer-tender tablets” or Feodora), then you probably value a fine melt. Accordingly, you should take a closer look at brands like Chocolate Tree, Zotter and Omnom. Your favorite chocolate so far has been Lindt 85%, for example (and more) or even the so-called men's chocolate? Then you probably like strong cocoa notes. In this case you should look for chocolates with cocoa beans from African countries such as Ghana. Georgia Ramon, Zotter or MIA have great, strong cocoa chocolates Last but not least, our own 'cool beans' and cocoa nibs should also be mentioned - also perfect for real cocoa lovers!

Chocolate newcomer

Since you're reading this right now, we can't imagine that you really don't like chocolate. Maybe you just don't get to eat chocolate that often? Or do you prefer salty snacks? In this case, you should approach tasting chocolate in a more “academic” way. So instead of looking for a delicate melt and good taste, try to taste special aromas. There are also darker chocolates that have more savory, earthy or woody flavors. As with wine, gin or coffee, you can spend a lot of time with the aromas. Speaking of coffee and alcohol: you might also like chocolates with added flavors better. We highly recommend manufacturers such as Chocolate Tree, Akessons or Martin Meyer, who combine the flavors of chocolate with other products in an impressive way. Almost like a perfect pairing in a chocolate bar.

Chocolate connoisseur

Are you already an advanced chocolate connoisseur? Have you ever taken part in a chocolate tasting (with us ;-))? Congratulations! Then a whole new world full of exciting flavors is open to you. In this case, we would recommend that you further train your sense of taste in order to be able to go even deeper. Of course, the best way to do this is to continue to purchase high-quality chocolates and conduct your own tastings. Of course it's fun with our tasting boxes. But we can also recommend going to a well-stocked chocolate shop. Here you can try out new countries of origin as you wish and, for example, create your own “trip around the world in 70%” or compare five different chocolates from the same country of origin. Of course, it's always exciting to find the perfect pairing. We particularly recommend pairings with craft beer (e.g. porter or stout) or with port wine, cheese or coffee.

By the way, you can also find most of the chocolates mentioned above in our shop in our tasting boxes or - with a bit of luck - in our virtual chocolate tasting team events .

Header photo by Taisiia Shestopal on Unsplash

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