The best ideas for a successful customer event

Die besten Ideen für ein erfolgreiches Kundenevent

With a well-organized customer event, you can show appreciation to your customers and thank them for the good cooperation. A customer event is particularly successful when it is so much fun that your customers recommend you to friends and colleagues because of the event. But let's be honest: In reality, customer events are often rather boring. Luckily, we have some ideas that are sure to wow your customers!

Why are appreciative customer events so important?

Customer events are so important because they offer the opportunity to develop a deep relationship. They help build trust, increase credibility, can inspire new relationships and help nurture long-term relationships.

A customer who feels valued and taken seriously will stay with you longer and prefer. And finally, especially in German-speaking countries, there are fewer customer events than many people think. You can excel all the more if you offer a well-planned and perfectly executed event. Here we go!

So how can you organize a successful customer event?

So you want to plan a customer event and don't really know where to start? Don't worry, this list contains the most important tips!

Tip #1: Find the right timing for your customer event 📆

As with so many things, timing is the be-all and end-all when planning a customer event. Just because you might have a “summer slump” at work doesn’t mean that your customers feel the same way. So instead of making the appointment when it suits you, find out when it suits your customers particularly well. After all, you want a lot of customers to attend and the event doesn’t mean any additional stress for them. Are you planning an international customer event? Then make sure that despite the time difference, the time is right for all participants. The final goal is ultimately customer satisfaction, and that starts with choosing the right date.

Tip #2: Choose the right place 🗺️

A suitable location is at least as important as the right timing. While most customer events took place on site before Corona, this is no longer the norm. The "New Normal" allows you to plan your events much more flexibly and digitally. For example, you could do adigital event and also an on-site event, where most of your customers live. Try to find out in conversations what most people would prefer. Because digital or hybrid events have found more and more fans in times of a pandemic .

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Tip #3: Try to assess the interest of your customers well 🤓

Of course, this tip is not easy to implement. But a good start is always to take a look at your customer database. Do you recognize patterns? Could everyone get excited about something similar? Or can you – if there are many customers – divide them into interest clusters? If your customer base is rather diverse, then you should try to find a lowest common denominator. Always remember that you should make the customer event as inclusive as possible. This means, for example, that if you are not absolutely sure, it is better to keep your distance from alcohol or certain foods that are associated with intolerances.

Tip #4: Don't be (too) salesy at your customer event 💰

An appreciative customer event is neither the right place nor the right time to pitch your products. Instead, it's about conveying gratitude and cementing your relationship. The only thing you want to show at this event is that there is nothing better than being your customer. Of course, you should not dismiss your obvious interest, but arrange a follow-up appointment for business customer discussions. Under no circumstances should the impression be given that the event is a masked sales event. If the customers are having fun, they will be grateful. Therefore, the following applies: In any case, let the participants initiate the business conversation during the event.

Tip #5: The more, the merrier – be sure to invite +1 to your customer event 🥳

The customer event is all about one thing: your customers should feel really comfortable. At customer events, we have repeatedly observed that there is a particularly good atmosphere when the participants bring their family or friends with them. Also, this definitely increases attendance and minimizes the no-show rate tremendously. In addition, potential new customers could also be among the friends and partners.

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Tip #6: Send reminders before the customer event 💌

You probably have nothing else on your mind just before the event. With your customers, however, this is probably different. So make sure that you remind the participants personally and by e-mail before the event.

Tip #7: Put a note about the customer event on your website 🌐

You can place an additional reminder in the form of an event notice on your website. On the one hand, this helps to ensure that the participants do not forget the appointment and that they feel like it. On the other hand, potential customers see what you offer your existing customers and how hard you try to get them. If you organize events more often, you can create an event page. In this way, potential customers see that you are continuously taking care of your customers.

The best idea for your customer event? A tasty one!

We don't want to beat around the bush: from our point of view, a tasting is the best idea for a successful customer event. And because an event in 2021 should meet certain standards, we recommend a non-alcoholic tasting. Instead of the usual wine or gin tasting, we therefore recommend:a chocolate tasting ! That's right :-D - and the first advantage lies precisely in this aha effect. Because most of them have never heard of a chocolate tasting, which of course makes the format particularly attractive for you. Because it is not only alcohol-free - and therefore attractive for various groups of people - but also something very special. So if you want to surprise your customers, then a chocolate tasting is perfect.

And not only that! A chocolate tasting has many other advantages: it can also be perfectly combined with different public holidays. Whether for Christmas, Valentine's Day or Easter. Chocolate not only always works, but also fits perfectly. Because our chocolate tastings at Theyo are not only super delicious, but also exclusively with fair, fine and sustainably produced chocolate. So you not only have an innovative format, but also a tasting with a clear conscience. You want something very special? How about celebrating a very special day with a chocolate tasting? Whether only women-produced chocolate for International Women's Day or a chocolate tasting for International Chocolate Day. Just contact us and we will find the perfect occasion for your very special customer event!

Special Christmas present for employees and teams

FAQ on "Planning and organizing a (virtual) customer event"

What is a good digital customer event?

A good digital customer event should take place at a time suitable for the participants. It should be exciting and new and correspond to the interests of the customers. The relationship should be strengthened during the customer event, ergo business aspects have no place in the customer event. The event should also be professionally planned and implemented. Are you looking for a suitable partner? Then feel free to contact us!

What can I send as a gift before a customer event?

From our point of view there is only one logical answer to this question :-) . Of course we think that the best customer event is a chocolate tasting. Accordingly, we think that it is best to send a chocolate box in advance. This increases the anticipation and - in the case of a virtual event - offers a tasty element, which also physically connects the participants in the "New Normal". Supplemented by an exciting book, a really good Bordeaux wine or a bottle of cocoa fruit juice. Provided with a personal note, the customer gift is then perfect!

Where can I find a good provider for virtual customer events?

How nice that you ask ;-) . You can simply contact us and together we will develop a plan for the perfect customer event!

What are creative and unusual ideas for a customer event?

If you take the planning of a customer event into your own hands, the outcome should of course be a complete success and the customers should remember it for a long time. The range of unusual event options – now also online – is definitely impressive. From thematic city tours, to canoeing or white water rafting or something gentler ceramic painting. Maybe think about what would be fun for you personally and whether that also fits in with the composition of your customer base. Our absolute favorite for an extraordinary and creative customer event?A chocolate tasting, of course ! Because everyone can take part, regardless of age, physical fitness and state of health! If you are interested, just write to us :-)

How much should a customer event cost?

Of course you could also give your customers a cup or a USB stick. But honestly, who should be happy about something like that these days? A high-quality customer event, on the other hand, has its price. But don't worry: your customers will notice the difference and appreciate that you make an effort for them. From our experience in the chocolate tasting area, the price per person per customer event is around €50-100.

Can chocolate packages at Theyo also be personalized, for example with a company logo?

Sure, of course! Depending on the size and scope of your customer event, we offer different personalization options. Feel free to contact us, choose a suitable customer gift and our chocolate experts will be happy to advise you on personalization.

How many boxes can you order from Theyo for a customer event?

You can order customer gifts for colleagues in large and small quantities. Basically you can of course order smaller quantities directly from us in the chocolate shop . However, if you would like to book a customer event, please write to us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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