Sustainable team events: 3 team building ideas with a positive impact

Viele bunte Puzzleteile als Teambuilding-Maßnahme, wie zum Beispiel nachhaltige Teambuilding Events

Team building events - even in the home office - are a nice and indispensable part of everyday working life. Promoting communication, team cohesion and increasing motivation are advantages that a team event brings with it. But apart from the obvious advantages for the team and company, the question often arises as to how team events can become fairer and more sustainable. We have collected ideas for you that are not only fun, but also have a positive impact.

Idea #1: A chocolate tasting with Theyo! 🍫

Admittedly, we are a bit biased. But we at Theyo have specialized in sustainable chocolate team events , because we only taste fairly and sustainably produced, fine chocolates during our tastings. In practical terms, this means that the cocoa beans for the chocolate are grown in agroforestry systems and are purchased from the manufacturers in the spirit of direct trade. Unfortunately, this only applies to a small part of the chocolate produced worldwide and you can taste it during our tasting.

Why is that so important? Because cocoa that is grown in monocultures leads to the deforestation of rainforests in the long term and makes cocoa farmers dependent on fluctuating world market prices. The inability to plan due to fluctuating world market prices also means that cocoa farmers are dependent on short-term returns and therefore often completely lose sight of sustainability aspects. That's why long-term contracts and direct trade are essential to promote sustainability on cocoa farms. Sustainable cultivation has several advantages: It protects forests and promotes biodiversity by preserving natural habitats. And best of all: Agroforestry systems store so much CO₂ that the chocolates in our tastings are often still climate neutral even after production. Of course, we also send our boxes in a climate-neutral manner and are constantly working to make our packaging and supply chains even more environmentally friendly.

Chocolate tasting as a sustainable team event with a blindfold so you can taste the piece of chocolate better
The tastiest team event: a Theyo chocolate tasting

Idea #2: DIY beeswax cloths in the workshop 🐝

What we throw away doesn't have to be waste and ideally we throw away less in the first place. And that’s exactly what Onnobruu’s workshop aims to do. To avoid single-use plastic waste, Onnobruu offers workshops in which you make beeswax cloths yourself. These are a great alternative to traditional cling film. The cloths can do everything that foils can do, they are even antibacterial and do not require any plasticizers. You get a DIY box and can do a workshop with Onnobuu founder Anneli. Or you can order DIY boxes for all team members and make the cloths together via video call or in the office. 

Idea #3 for sustainable team events: Fermentation workshop 👩🏽‍🔬👨🏼‍🔬

Fermenting has really taken off during the lockdown. Quite a few have tried sourdough or kombucha. But fermentation can not only ripen or even produce food, it can also make food more durable. And that’s exactly what makes a fermentation workshop a truly sustainable team event.

The Berlin team at Edible Alchemy, for example, offers great workshops. Depending on the type of workshop, you and your team will learn how to preserve food in a traditional way using fermentation. This not only helps prevent food waste, but is also extremely tasty and has many positive health aspects. Once you understand the principles of fermentation, there are no limits to your creativity. It could therefore be a nice idea to do a fermentation workshop together as a team and then meet up a few weeks later with your new fermented creations and have a shared (digital) lunch or after-work kombucha with ferment pairings. In this way you will have two sustainable team events at the same time ;-)

📚😍 Sustainable care package instead of a team event

Have you just had a team event and are now looking for a sustainable employee gift to make your teams happy in the home office? We have that too Of course an idea ... We would be happy to advise you individually, just write to us !
Whatever you decide – have fun!

Header photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

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