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Team spirit in the home office: 5 virtual team building games

Tipps für Teamspirit im Homeoffice
The pressure on teams to continue to work together digitally is now becoming increasingly heavier. And while there was a silver lining last year, current forecasts are looking bleaker again. It is therefore more important than ever to take a closer look at digital variants of team building. We have already suggested the best alternatives to the escape room game ;-), presented an extraordinary team event idea (spoiler: chocolate is involved here) and explained what is really important when planning digital events . Today our favorite five team building games follow.
In particular, free activities that can also create a feeling of cohesion in digital collaboration have been neglected. And that's exactly what this list is about. We have collected and compiled the best ideas for team building games from over 300 digital events with Google, McKinsey, SAP, Boehringer Ingelheim and many more. Have fun with it!

👩🏻‍💻☕👨🏽‍💻 Virtual blind coffee break

In particular, many employees miss the nice chat in the coffee kitchen in times of Corona. And of course we don't want to claim that a virtual coffee can replace a physical meeting. Despite everything, a virtual coffee break is a nice activity to get to know your colleagues better outside of the hectic work-from-home routine. With the Donut app you can randomly match people to talk to every 2-4 weeks. The conversation – via video or telephone – should not last longer than 30 minutes and work topics should be avoided at all costs. Instead, encourage your colleagues and employees to talk about hobbies and other leisure activities.

a coffee break in the home office A virtual coffee break promotes social contact ( Photo by DocuSign on Unsplash )

🤥😁 Two truths and a lie

'Two Truths and a Lie' is a very simple, free team building activity. Because all you need is an internet connection and a digital space - no longer a problem these days. In the meeting, each team member is given three minutes to prepare two truths and one lie.
A concrete example here is:
  • I have already eaten 1.7 kg of chocolate while working from home.
  • I speak 9 languages ​​fluently.
  • Before Corona, I had already traveled to 112 countries.
Clear! Number one is obviously a lie - because everyone eats 1.7 kg of chocolate per week ;-) get the idea! So all participants have to name three (funny/exciting/amazing) facts about themselves and the others have to guess which two are true and which are a lie. Of course you can also play for points, but the real fun is learning more about the rest of the team.

🎨👩🏽‍🎨 Phantom image artist

'The Phantom Artist' is a fun, creative and virtual team building game and works like this:
  • Divide your team into sub-teams - Tell the participants that there were a series of robberies last night. Luckily, each team has a witness who saw the perpetrator's face before he escaped.
  • You can use the face random generator to generate faces. Show THE face of the “perpetrator” to one person from each team.
  • Have the team member who saw the face describe the face to the rest of the (sub)team. The other team members have to sketch the face based on the description.
  • After ten minutes, you collect the portraits and show them to the entire team using the sharing tool...the artists can of course remain anonymous ;-) You can also now share the original photo of the “perpetrator”.
The portrait that comes closest to the original wins!

🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏿‍♀️Virtual meditation

Everyone has probably tried meditation while working from home by now. But after so many months of working at home, many routines are lost and sticking to it becomes even more difficult. So instead of relying on meditations to be carried out alone in a quiet little room, teams can carry out meditation together - of course only if they feel like it. Especially on stressful days, such practices are ignored in favor of completing tasks. A short mindfulness exercise is of utmost importance, especially on days like these. That's how it works:
  • s online video - we like this one from Mady Marrison or find a mindfulness coach to guide you virtually - the latter often leads to higher numbers of participants than a recorded video.
  • For everyone interested, set an appointment for the video call, which is ideally 15-20 minutes long. So you can do a short check-in round, find a comfortable position and at the end have a short end together with a drink of your choice.
  • We can particularly recommend a chocolate meditation. If you are planning a tasting team event with us, you could arrange to meet for chocolate mediation in the following days. In this way, you combine the physical-sensory experience with the virtual mindfulness exercise and get to know chocolate from a different side. For example, you can find a nice video-guided guide here ... there's a great chocolate box here , but you can do the meditation with any of your favorite chocolate.
Whatever type of meditation you choose: after a short check-in, you should either turn on the video or let a trainer guide you. You can then go back to work relaxed and alert.

📚😍 Book recommendations in times of Corona

The literary allusion in the title already reveals what it's about: book recommendations for the winter days in the home office. Of course, it is important that team members who are interested only suggest leisure books. In this way, the team members not only get to know each other better, but also get inspiration for new reading material. For example, the book recommendation can be given at the beginning or end of an all-hands team meeting and should last a maximum of 5 minutes. Those presenting can decide for themselves whether they want to create a small presentation about it or simply talk about the book and then share the link. The focus should be primarily on what you personally like so much about the book and why you recommend it to the team.

Whatever you decide – have fun! Are you looking for sustainable team events? Then take a look at our suggestions ...

Header photo by Vlad Hilitanu on Unsplash

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