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Digitale Events

7 tips on how to make the virtual Christmas party 2023 a success

The Christmas party online? We'll show you how the virtual Christmas party becomes a connecting experience despite the distance!

Digitale EventsOnline Schokoladenverkostung

Can a chocolate tasting online ever replace a "real" one?

Digital and with a good distance: how chocolate tastings have changed in the Corona year...

BerlinTeamevent für Berlin

Planning a team event in Berlin: 5 ideas to strengthen team spirit

"Big developments in companies never come from one person. They are the product of a team." This insight comes from one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world: Steve Jobs. And how a team wor...

Digitale Eventsein erfolgreiches Online Teamevent für alle

In 6 simple steps to the online (team) event

Team event, company anniversary, customer event...actually all events are currently being held virtually. How it works? Find out here!

Digitale EventsIdeen für digitale Teamevents zum Beispiel ein Schokoladentasting

5 creative ideas for digital team events

Team events can make an essential contribution to the good atmosphere in the team. Especially in home office times, they are more important than ever. We have put together 5 ideas that you can use ...

Digitale EventsEine Teambuildingmaßnahme

7 ideas for online team building

After months in the home office, some people run out of ideas for digital team building activities. No problem! We have put together a small, fine list for you...