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5 creative ideas for digital team events

5 kreative Ideen für digitale Teamevents
"Hello…? Can you hear me?” is probably the most heard sentence by teams that work from the home office and regularly exchange information in online meetings. It is not surprising if one or the other sometimes loses interest in digital teamwork. Added to this is the additional burden caused by the many slack calls and hangouts. In order to maintain group dynamics, especially in teams that work remotely, digital team events are therefore essential.
Of course, the idea of ​​​​conducting team events virtually seems a bit exhausting at first. You've been online all day anyway. But one thing is also certain: Thanks to digital collaboration, nice small talk in the corridor is lost. And of course this cannot simply be replaced by a digital team event. Nevertheless, exuberant conversations online also have a positive effect on cooperation. We at Theyo have also tested various online team events online. In this article we share our favorites and ideas for digital team events. Here we go:

Digital team event? Virtual chocolate tasting!

At Theyo we really have a tough job: we regularly have to test ourselves through the latest in fine, fair and sustainable chocolate on the market ;) Because we love chocolate and because we wanted to share the fun of trying different chocolates with others, we offer virtualchocolate tastings . We simply send you a package full of delicious chocolates to your home and then connect with you in a digital room on the date of the tasting. You will certainly learn a lot of new things at such chocolaty events: where fine flavor cocoa comes from, how chocolate is made and what the aroma spectrum of chocolate can offer. We offer this format both for private groups and as a B2B digital team event . So you are not only connected through work, but also through enjoyment. Spoilers: it's going to be a very tasty trip around the world!

The tastiest team event: a Theyo chocolate tasting

A virtual pub quiz

At Theyo we not only love chocolate, we also love quizzing together. And we don't want to do without that in the home office either. Since quizzes are only fun with several people anyway, they are the ideal digital team event. What do you need? A quiz master who takes over the organization and technical implementation, good quiz questions - for a small donation you can download these from the Berlin pub DanTra's - and of course a good digital tool. For this we have already tested Zoom and the somewhat prettier Whereby variant. With both you have the opportunity to create “digital rooms” in which the teams can consult each other and discuss questions. Afterwards, everyone meets again in the "main room" where the quiz master resolves the answers.

Different kind of team building: a pub quiz

Virtual beer'o'clock or cocktail mixing class

One of our top ideas for digital team events is also to drink the after-work beer or cocktail together as a team, but online. For example, a weekly "Beer'o'clock" is ideal for regular events. To get a little more team event atmosphere, you can also book a virtual cocktail mixing course. At Woods on you either order the cocktail boxes in advance or simply buy the ingredients yourself. Because the shopping list is updated weekly to match the cocktail in question.

Team building with virtual cocktail course

Joint cooking evening with cooking box

Cooking courses are always very popular as a team event. This is certainly also due to the fact that certain principles from the kitchen can be easily transferred to teamwork. The great thing is that there are now numerous providers who offer cooking courses as a digital team event. A joint cooking evening with colleagues from our own kitchen sounds like a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know the other team members better outside of the work context. In order to prevent major bankruptcies and breakdowns, it makes sense to order a cooking box for everyone. Of course, it is particularly nice to use smaller, local providers. The Google search "Kochbox + [Your City]" usually provides good options!

Ideas for digital team events: Virtual cooking class

A virtual painting game

Maybe you already know it from the Wii? A round of scribbles can also be a nice change in the home office. Admittedly, this might not be a full team event, but combined with the aforementioned Beer'o'clock (or Limo'o'clock - whatever you like) it's definitely a nice digital after-work activity and counts in our opinion to the category "digital team events".

Team building through digital painting game
Are you looking for sustainable team events? We have 3 ideas for team events with an impact ... Achocolate tasting with fair, fine and sustainably produced chocolate could also be included ;-) .
No matter what you decide: have fun with it!

FAQ Digital team events ideas

How much does a digital team event cost on average?

It all depends on what activity you want to do at your online event. If you organize everything yourself and do not book any external organizers, a digital team event can even be quite cheap for you. If you book an external organizer, such as us, to carry out achocolate tasting , the costs depend on various factors, such as the number of people and the specific package you choose. So create a cost estimate for the team event promptly and ask external organizers if necessary so that you don't exceed your budget.

How can I design our team event online?

Organizing an online team event can seem anything but easy at first. In our blog post " In 6 simple steps to an online (team) event " we help you to structure the planning of a digital event.

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