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Steeped in history, Hanover is not only the political center of Lower Saxony but also a hub for traffic and transportation as well as an important research and business location. It's no wonder that the city offers numerous job opportunities and that many people move to Hanover every year. Many employers rely on team events to strengthen group cohesion and integrate new employees well. However, implementing this now seems difficult to many people. Because with the changes in the working world that Corona has brought with it - remote work and home office - many have run out of ideas on how they can organize a fun team event in Hanover. But don't worry, team building events are still possible - also in Hanover - and also in digital form! You can find tips and suggestions for team events in Hamburg in this article:

Team event in Hanover: digital or “real”?

Before you start planning the event, the essential question should be clarified: Should the team event take place online or offline? After two strenuous Corona winters, many are certainly fed up with the countless online meetings and understandably want to get together in real life. If you and your team feel the same way, before planning the analog team event you should still make sure that as many as possible can take part and that everyone agrees to this variant. This means: No team member has an immune deficiency or would have to travel an unreasonably long distance for the team event. Does most of your team work from home anyway, or is spread across Germany or perhaps even internationally? Then digital team events are a great opportunity for forms from Hanover to hold team building events despite the employees' scattered locations.

Ideas for a digital team event in Hanover

Although it may seem strange to some to move team building to the digital world, it has now become the norm for many companies. And as demand increases, so does supply, so the options for online team building events, including in Hanover, have improved significantly. This means that everything that is possible in analogue life can now also be done online. Cooking courses, sewing courses, dance courses, wine tastings, game rounds,... When choosing an event, you should always keep in mind: What is the team made up of? Which event has the highest possible denominator for everyone? What is a new and exciting experience for the team?

Our favorite online events so far have been a digital fermentation course, a stream of our favorite local band and – surprise! – a digital chocolate tasting ! Because in our - of course completely unbiased :-) - opinion, an online chocolate tasting is a great experience and still unknown to most people. Participants simply receive the chocolates to be tasted sent to their home in advance. On the day of the tasting, everyone, including our chocolate professionals from Theyo, meets in the online room provided for this purpose. The great thing about chocolate tasting is that you get to know chocolate from a completely different side, away from the mass-produced products from the supermarket.

In addition to the pleasure of tasting fine, sustainable and fair chocolate, you will also learn a lot about the origins of cocoa and how our favorite treat is made. Experience has shown that at a chocolate tasting there is a lively exchange between the participants, which usually has an impact long after the team event. If you are interested, please write to us using the contact form on the link or to hallo[at]theyo.de.

Do you prefer “real life”? These team events in Hanover are just the thing!

Are you fed up with online meetings and online team building, have you already solved every online escape room puzzle and would you like to finally meet your colleagues in real life again? There are also great opportunities for team building events in Hanover! How about a shared city tour, for example? New colleagues in particular get to know Hanover better. And locals get to know your city even better. Guided tours at night are also offered in Hanover. The night watchman Melchior takes you to the historic corners of Hanover and chats about their history and all sorts of other events that took place in Hanover.

A particularly unusual way to get to know Hanover better and at the same time strengthen team building is a scavenger hunt. Of course, this means additional organizational effort. But this is definitely worth it, because what is still a blast at children's birthday parties is at least as exciting for most adults. If the team is relatively large, it can be divided into different groups that compete against each other. Otherwise, of course, there are always joint visits to restaurants, wine tastings, dance courses, painting courses, ... The possibilities are endless. Just remember to choose an event that the group as a whole, or at least as many as possible, enjoy. Then nothing stands in the way of the success of your team event :-) By the way, our chocolate tastings are not only possible digitally. We would be happy to come to you in Hanover and complement your team event with a chocolatey experience!

digital team event in Hanover Whether digital or on site - a chocolatey team event is always a good idea!

Tax advantages for team events in Hanover

A mistake that is often made unnecessarily is to cut corners in the wrong places - i.e. team events . But: team building has its price. Second but: There are tax advantages that you can claim when organizing team events! You can set an allowance of up to 110 euros per employee, which should ideally cover the costs of the event. These 110 euros can be entrance fees, can be used for meals or travel, or for the participation fee in a chocolate tasting ;-) A total of two such team days per year are possible, which means that the total budget per year is 220 euros!

What about the company Christmas party 2022 in Hanover?

Christmas parties are definitely a must for companies in Hanover and every other city. Ending the year together, celebrating successes and ringing in the contemplative time together motivates the employees for the next year and also brings the group together... If you keep a few basics in mind when planning:

#1: Take care of the perfect location for the company Christmas party 2022 in Hanover early
There are usually numerous locations for Christmas parties, the more, the smaller the team. Options include, of course, going to a classic restaurant or booking an extra room or hall and an additional caterer to take care of the food. No matter what you decide: Make sure you find a location in good time. The earlier the better to ensure you get an appointment at your desired location.

#2: Provide entertainment at the company Christmas party
Eating together at the company Christmas party is of course great. But when in doubt the only act of entertainment is limited to an awkward speech from the superior, it's also a bit boring. So make sure that there is additional entertainment and that the food accompanies the evening, but is not the “star guest”. For example, make sure that the same groups don't always sit together and that the conversation partners mix up a bit. This works, for example, by cleverly positioning place cards.
You can also prepare a small “communication challenge”: All participants receive an individual card with a question that they have to ask selected people from the team. At the end the cards can then be presented to the round. This way you get to know your colleagues from a completely new perspective! We have collected exciting questions to get to know you here . It's also always a great idea to book an additional act. For example, a magic act, a band, an espresso tasting or a winemaker who complements the evening with regional wines that match the meal. Or of course a delicious chocolate tasting ! :-) All colleagues can certainly join in, because chocolate has limits, unlike alcoholic products or coffee and espresso, for example, chocolate does not contain any ingredients that are not tolerated by sick people (or pregnant women).

#3: Instead of the annual Secret Santa: employee gifts it is!
Let's be honest: For many people, Secret Santa and choosing a gift for a person on the team who is unknown is pure stress. And often it ends in disappointed faces and leaves the recipient with the question "And what should I do with it now?" back. Therefore our suggestion: Skip the annual Secret Santa and take the gift-giving into your own hands. The great thing: You can also claim tax benefits for employee gifts . How? We explain this in the linked article . We also have an idea that many team members are sure to be happy about: tasty employee gifts with our favorite treat, chocolate. We at Theyo would be happy to put together a box for you with the finest, fair and sustainable fine chocolate currently available on the market!

#4: Company Christmas party 2022 can also be done digitally!

The tips for digital team events mentioned above can also be applied 1:1 to a Christmas party. Because even digitally, a contemplative get-together can be a beautiful experience. And when is the most chocolate eaten during the year? Sure, in winter and at Christmas! A chocolate tasting is also the perfect addition to any digital company Christmas party. :-)

Header photo by Joshua Kettle on Unsplash

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