Fair gifts: 6 ideas for fair and sustainable Christmas gifts for 2023


It's such a thing when it comes to giving gifts... If we're honest, far too many Christmas presents end up gathering dust in the closet or basement. Because we simply don’t need them. Sustainable is different! We therefore have 6 sustainable and fair Christmas gift ideas. Minimalists, nature lovers and “I already have everything” advocates are guaranteed to be happy about this too.

BeeGood bee sponsorship

A sweet, tasty gift that not only tastes good at breakfast but also saves bees? And all that for just €35? Nothing is easier than that. At BeeGood you can get a one-year bee sponsorship. This supports Mellifera eV - which is committed to protecting bees. The recipients receive a pretty gift box that contains a nice certificate, further information and two jars of fair, delicious Demeter honey. By the way, you can even customize the label of the honey jar.
We think: A bee sponsorship is exactly the right gift for nature enthusiasts and a great contribution to combating the death of bees. And therefore also a great option for sustainable Christmas gifts. Available online from Mellifera .

BeeGood bee partnership Honey from happy bees – with a bee sponsorship at BeeGood ©BeeGood

Guaranteed sustainable Christmas gifts at Theyo

Giving chocolate is always possible, right? Sure, but please be sustainable and socially responsible! Unfortunately, there is still a lot of injustice and exploitation of people and the environment in the chocolate industry. On the other hand, more and more manufacturers, especially small ones, are committed to fairness and transparency. We think that's great! In our Theyo online shop you will find a curated selection of the finest chocolates from all over the world... And of course our own Cool Beans . Our partners guarantee a responsible approach to the environment, fair working conditions and a transparent production chain. Let's make the chocolate industry a better place!
... Oh, we almost forgot: Our chocolate is of course not only fair and sustainable, but also super delicious! 😉 Browse through our high-quality bean-to-bar chocolate products here , which are also perfect as sustainable Christmas gifts.

Theyo Cool Beans Fair chocolate products = super sustainable Christmas gifts: Theyo Cool Beans

Washable cosmetic pads: Sustainable Christmas gifts for less waste in the bathroom!

A lot of waste is generated in most bathrooms - every day. A simple change and a first step towards low waste are washable cosmetic pads instead of cotton pads. Small fabric pads are a wonderfully sustainable alternative, especially for removing make-up. Used pads should be washed at 60°C to stay hygienic and clean.
You can get washable cosmetic pads from Bamboo Love , for example . Our tip if you are one of those with craftsmanship skills: simply sew it yourself! A few nice soft fabric scraps, sewing machine or needle & thread and off you go. The pads are quick to make and a great way to reuse your old favorite sweater or a worn-out towel. Packed in a small fabric bag or an old jam jar, the cosmetic pads make a nice sustainable gift. Friends who want to declare war on the mountain of rubbish in the bathroom are particularly happy about this.

Cosmetic pads made from fabric scraps From old to new! For example, sustainable cosmetic pads made from old fabric scraps ©BerninaBlog

Also a great idea for sustainable Christmas presents: Maisoap, the natural soaps from Berlin

A really fragrant gift is soap from Maisoap, a family-run soap manufacturer from Berlin Friedrichshain. In the cold stirring process, natural ingredients are processed into very special creations. Classics like lavender or olive are on offer, but also unusual varieties like Peppermint Queen and Avocado Mint. The pretty bars of soap are really sustainable: produced locally, packaged in cardboard and guaranteed to contain no microplastics. We think: Clean thing!

You can get Maisoap soap online, at weekly markets and in selected stores, which can be found on their website.

Berlin soap as sustainable Christmas gifts Hand-stirred soap from Maisoap: cooling peppermint and nourishing red clay ©Maisoap

Teikei Coffee: Community supported coffee

There is a big vision behind Teikei Coffee! The Teikei team wants to promote high-quality coffee enjoyment from community-supported agriculture. The focus should be on people and the environment. Small farmers from Mexico plant Arabica coffee, which is then transported to Germany in a climate-friendly manner by sailing ship. This means: sustainability along the entire supply chain. Once in Hamburg, the coffee is roasted in a roastery south of Hamburg and shipped.

And then? Then you can become part of the vision! When you give away a coffee subscription, you give away a little piece of a better coffee world. You can simply estimate the annual coffee consumption of the person receiving the gift. You also have to think about how often the coffee should be delivered. And then it starts. The advance payment goes to the farmers, seafarers and other actors, who thereby have planning security for their work. The recipients, on the other hand, regularly receive high-quality, fair and delicious coffee delivered directly to their home from Teikei.
Community supported coffee that is not only fair but also super tasty? You can get it directly in the Teikei online shop.

Teikei coffee Cooperative coffee from Teikei – shipped socially & environmentally friendly #welike ©Teikei

Insect hotel: provide habitat for endangered insects

Insects are vital to our ecosystems – and are in great danger. An insect hotel gives endangered animals such as wild bees a home and is a great gift for nature lovers. A small garden or balcony is sufficient location. The recipient will soon be able to experience the lively buzzing and humming of the insects up close!

Insect hotels are made from natural materials such as clay, clay and wood. Bamboo or reeds, for example, serve as nesting aids. Whether clay bricks converted into hotels, small wooden houses or real luxury hotels with great attention to detail. There is definitely something for every taste and every budget.

You can buy insect hotels as sustainable Christmas gifts at hardware stores and NABU , for example - or simply build them yourself!

Insect hotel NABU Sustainable Christmas presents? A shelter for wild bees and other insects is always possible ©NABU

Thoughtful gifts that do good and definitely don’t end up gathering dust in the closet – what more could you want? If you have any more ideas for sustainable Christmas presents, please share them. 😊 The next birthday will definitely come... and alternatives to “I don’t want anything” are always very welcome for your own wish list. Have fun giving and receiving gifts fairly!

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