Easter gift guide: 6 ideas for a fair Easter 2023

Ideen für Ostergeschenke
At Easter you only want to put chocolate eggs from the discount store in the nest again? Nothing there! We have 6 ideas for Easter gifts that are not only original but also fair. And of course delicious. A little tip on the side: Trying is more important than studying.

Vegan chocolates from the Amber Room

The Bernsteinzimmer is a “pleasure factory” from Wuppertal where high-quality chocolates are made from fair trade and organic ingredients. With the Amber Room, co-founder Solvejg Klein has fulfilled her dream of making people happy with really good chocolate. That's why she combines the unknown with the tried and tested and creates exciting flavor fusions! The result is spiced nougat pumpkin brittle, coconut almond nougat, cappuccino hazelnut, to name just a few of the creations. All of the Bernstein Room's products are vegan, but this does not affect the taste or the melt in any way. For this reason

At Easter, in addition to the regular pralines and bars, we can particularly recommend the HasiHasi praline bars with nougat filling. And not only that: they are handmade and made with a lot of love - that's how we like chocolate best.

The delicacies are available in the online shop and in selected stores, which can be found in the dealer directory on their website . For this reason

Easter? Chocolate! Best fair chocolate Easter gifts Vegan chocolates from the great team at the Bernstein Room (Photo: Bernstein Room)

Fairment: Home brewing kombucha

Eggnog is a thing of the past – how about kombucha? Kombucha is fermented tea that tastes sparkling and refreshing. The Berlin start-up Fairment sells kombucha in fair trade, organic and raw food quality to preserve all the nutrients and vitamins. Kombucha is rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants, probiotics, which are important for a healthy intestine, and many other nutrients. A real super drink! And

If you're giving gifts to DIY fans, we have a special tip! The guys at Fairment also sell kits for home-brewing kombucha. Glass, sieve, manual and ingredients make it possible to start producing your first kombucha tea straight away. And

Whether ready in the bottle or for home brewing. We think: Kombucha is something different and an original Easter gift idea. You can get the set from Fairment online , and the finished kombucha can also be found in various health food stores and supermarkets.

Best Easter gift: chocolate tasting boxes from Theyo 

The round must go into the square? Not quite! The square is the new round. In any case, we think that conventional Easter eggs are no longer up to date. Besides

And that's exactly why we have special recommendations for Easter:

Our Theyo tasting box ! Almost like an Easter basket and delicious chocolate treats in one. The box comes with five fine chocolates and a tasting booklet. The perfect Easter surprise for chocolate lovers! Particularly worth mentioning, for everyone who doesn't know us that well: all chocolates in the box are 100% child labor-free and fair. If you are as passionate about this issue as we are, read more about child labor and chocolate here.

Idea for an Easter gift: the Theyo chocolate box The Theyo chocolate box is always a good idea for a gift

BeeGood bee sponsorship

This gift is cute, interesting and saves bees! And for (only) €35 you can give away a one-year bee sponsorship. In return, the money will be used to support the Mellifera eV association in its initiatives to protect bees. The recipient receives a certificate, interesting information and a jar of delicious, fair Demeter honey - packed in a beautiful gift box. When ordering, you can also write an individual greeting text that will be printed on the label of the honey jar. Over and beyond

We think: a bee sponsorship is exactly the right gift for nature enthusiasts and a great contribution to combating the death of bees. Available online from Mellifera .

Teikei Coffee

The people behind Teikei Coffee are visionaries. High-quality coffee from community-based agriculture where responsibility for people and the environment is very important. Experienced farmers in Mexico grow Arabica coffee. The beans are then transported to Germany in an environmentally friendly manner by sailing ship. Teikei Coffee really take their sustainability claims seriously. The coffee is roasted once a week in the roastery south of Hamburg and shipped directly.

Teikei Coffee's coffee subscription makes it possible to give away a part of their big vision! To do this, you can calculate your loved ones' annual coffee consumption and select the delivery intervals. Your advance payment gives farmers, sailors and all other actors security and flexibility in their work. The recipients then regularly receive high-quality, delicious coffee delivered straight to their door. Community supported coffee that also tastes great – we’re thrilled. By the way, available on their website .

Berlin Easter gifts: The Liquor Company

Of course, a liqueur cannot be missing from our Easter gift list. And we even have something much more original than eggnog. The Liquor Company from Berlin is committed to producing spirits independently and independently. No investors, no frills, just good ingredients that they source directly from the manufacturer if possible. Classics such as gin and tequila are on offer. In addition, there is also a special own creation, KR / 23 HERBAL LIQUEUR, made from 23 natural herbs and spices. To name just a few: lemon peel, green pepper, cinnamon sticks, mint…

You can get The Liquor Company's spirits in online shops and selected stores, which can be found on their website . And


Header photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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