Because dad is simply the greatest: 6 great ideas for Father's Day gifts in 2023

Weil Papa einfach der Größte ist: 6 tolle Ideen für Vatertagsgeschenke in 2023

If you search the Internet for ideas for Father's Day gifts, you will always come across the same suggestions! Printed lighters, standard papa slogans on T-shirts or something with beer. You can also find something with beer in our list - but a really original idea! With our 6 gift ideas you are perfectly prepared for Father's Day. Because your dads deserve more than shirts and lighters! W


MÜHLE shaving culture – wellness for men

If you want to do something good for your dad, you will find what you are looking for in the products from MÜHLE Shaving Culture. The third-generation family-run traditional company from Saxony stands for handmade safety razors, high quality and elegant design. Whether it's a classic safety razor, fragrant sea buckthorn cream or a shaving brush that will probably accompany the recipient for years. With MÜHLE products, shaving quickly becomes a wellness ritual. By the way, this is also something for the environmentally conscious men. Shaving with a plane does not require any plastic at all. Although Father's Day gifts are great!
MÜHLE products can be found in their own shops in Berlin and Stützengrün, in selected perfumeries and specialist shops, and in their online shop . We've been shaving better ever since .

Razor from Mühle High-quality shaving utensils from Saxony (Photo: MÜHLE Rasurkultur)

Noble pens from Kaweco

Dad is struggling with free promotional pens that give up the ghost after a few weeks? Change that with a Father's Day gift from Kaweco! Kaweco is a traditional company founded in 1883 and based in Nuremberg. The range includes high-quality writing implements such as ballpoint pens, fountain pens and pencils. The pens are not only refillable and durable, but also elegant accessories thanks to their classic design. They are the right thing for dads who like to write in analog form and are enthusiastic about noble haptics. And great Father's Day gifts.
You can find the pens in your trusted stationery or gift shop!

Kaweco pen Kaweco pens make you want to write (Photo: Kaweco)

Curated Chocolate by Theyo - Father's Day Gifts with Flavor

Chocolate always works, right? But please not just any! We at Theyo are chocolate lovers with body and soul. We taste the finest chocolates from all over the world and pass the best on to you. Curated chocolate variety - to discover in our online shop .
Our tip for Father's Day: Our Virtual Tasting Box makes it possible. Your dad will receive a selection of the finest chocolates, delivered straight to your front door. Exactly what's inside is a surprise. But we promise you: only the very best chocolates make it into our boxes!

Father's Day Gifts: Virtual Tasting Box Looking for Father's Day gifts: We have the solution - the Virtual Tasting Box

The Liquor Company – herbal liqueur made in Neukölln

Of course, a fine liqueur should not be missing from a list for Father's Day gifts. And The Liquor Company independently produces spirits in Berlin. There are super good spirits and great ingredients here instead of investors and other frills. But classics like gin and tequila. And also special creations such as KR / 23 KRÄUTERLIKÖR, made from almost exactly 23 natural herbs and spices. To name just a small selection: lemon zest, mint, cinnamon sticks, green pepper...
You can get the great spirits from the Berlin Liquor Company via their online shops or in selected stores, which can be found on their website. Although offline is always nice too.
Also tastes wonderful with chocolate - alcoholic creative Father's Day gifts Also tastes wonderful with chocolate (Photo: The Liquor Company)

Herr PONG Berlin – handmade leather accessories

Father's Day gifts with style? Jay Pong is a passionate product designer. Since 2015 he has been making high-quality leather bags and accessories under his label Herr PONG Berlin - of course by hand.
From elegant notebooks with leather covers to chic pencil cases and timeless purses. If you are looking for a little something, you will find it in the key rings from Herr PONG Berlin. And, also good to know: each keychain comes in a pretty gift box and comes with a hand-stamped gift card.
You can get the pretty leather accessories from Herr PONG from Berlin in his online shop as well as in selected shops in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Düsseldorf. And anyway everywhere on the net.

Football for the keychain - creative Father's Day gifts Footballs as a bunch of keys - creative Father's Day gifts from Berlin (Photo: Mr. PONG Berlin)

Beer brewing voucher: brew your own craft beer

We still owe you the beer gift idea we promised at the beginning. So watch out: a beer brewing voucher is the perfect Father's Day gift for beer fans. In a workshop, fathers not only learn interesting things about their favorite sparkling drink. They also carry out various steps in beer production themselves, such as grinding, mashing and lautering. Find out which breweries are offering workshops in your area and make dad the ultimate beer expert!

What's better than beer? Homebrewed beer! tasty Father's Day gifts What's better than beer? Homebrewed beer!

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