A particularly tasty customer gift for Babbel

Babbel was founded in 2007 and is the most successful language learning app worldwide.
Schokobox mit Schokoladen zu Weihnachten als Kundengeschenk

Something very special

Babbel's business customers are just as diverse and diverse as Babbel itself. But one thing unites them all: they have chosen Babbel's language learning solution for companies. And that's exactly why - and for their loyalty - Babbel's B2B team wants to thank their customers with something very special this Christmas. Something that everyone likes and is well received by customers both nationally and internationally.

“A really successful customer gift! Working with Theyo was totally uncomplicated and the customers were very enthusiastic! We have rarely received so much positive feedback.”

Carla Pieper
Head of Account Management

As diverse as the customers themselves

The solution didn't take long to arrive. With the individually put together Theyo chocolate boxes, the perfect gift for business customers was quickly found. The high-quality chocolates were not only a great alternative to boring promotional gifts but also made a real statement with their beautifully designed packaging. Specifically for Babbel, only chocolates from the countries of origin that Babbel also offers as learning languages ​​were chosen. This small detail was included in the Christmas cards and was enthusiastically received by customers.


The Theyo chocolate boxes were well received not only by customers, but also by the account management team. The team was happy about the easy collaboration and many satisfied customers.