1000 chocolate boxes as a Christmas employee gift from BNP PRE

BNP Paribas Real Estate is one of the leading German and international real estate consultants.
1000 Schoko-Boxen als weihnachtliches Mitarbeitergeschenk von BNP PRE

Chocolate investment in employee satisfaction

After a very special year, we had to find a very special employee thank you. A gift that appeals to a diverse group of employees, with something for everyone if possible. What could be more fitting than a box with the finest chocolates in the world?

“The Theyo team gave us great advice from the idea to implementation and ensured a smooth process. Our employees were very happy about the chocolatey surprise.”

Charlotte Karli
HR Marketing Specialist
BNP Paribas Real Estate

A gift that everyone enjoys

Within a very short time, the Theyo team sent around 1,000 Theyo tasting boxes throughout Germany for BNP Paribas Real Estate as Christmas presents. Many teams met digitally or in the office for tastings to try the chocolate together and explore new flavors with the help of the instructions. Due to the diverse selection of chocolate, there was something for every taste - alcohol-free, partly vegan, fairly & sustainably produced and, above all, really tasty!


The Theyo tasting box was a delicious and educational employee gift that opened up new horizons in terms of taste and united employees in enjoyment - even remotely.