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By far Roche’s tastiest launch event

Roche is a global company at the forefront of drug and diagnostic discovery and development, focused on enabling people to live better, longer lives through scientific advances.
drei Schokoladen und Rotwein für das Launch-Event, ein Teamtasting, von Roche

After project planning and implementation of the SARS-CoV-2 self-tests from the home office and remotely, the Roche project team wanted to organize a delicious virtual launch event together with Theyo. The aim of the virtual launch event was to bring together 95 international employees in different global locations and provide a fun, motivational activity that everyone can enjoy. Since there were participants from different teams and management levels, it was also important that the event offered many opportunities for communication and team cohesion.

"We had a great time and received enthusiastic feedback from the participants! The chocolate experts made us all feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you for the great afternoon and perfect organization, we will definitely have another one soon Do a tasting with Theyo.”

Bettina Klein
Assistant Life Cycle Leads

TheyoBox: a journey of taste discovery

A chocolate tasting with wine accompaniment was therefore perfect in many respects: a mixture of shared enjoyment - despite spatial separation - paired with interaction and a glass of wine to toast. The whole thing was moderated by Theyo chocolate experts, who offered exciting insights into the world of fine chocolate and were available to answer any chocolate-related questions during the event. The crowning finale was a Bordeaux wine, selected by the German world champion sommelier and perfectly matched to the fine chocolates. A great start for the next project steps!


Theyo's tastemakers provided lots of fun and interaction while participants took part from the comfort of their own homes and offices. Employees at all management levels were able to participate in the tasting, exchange ideas and sweeten their cross-departmental relationships with delicious chocolate.