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With Theyo, Babbel has found a team event for every taste

Babbel was founded in 2007 and is the most successful language learning app worldwide.
Frau hält einen Stapel mit Schokoladenstücken in der Hand für das Schokoladentasting beim Teamevent von babbel

A team event that everyone enjoys

Finding an original and varied team event that does justice to all participants is not that easy. No alcohol, no sports and no bowling again. But one thing is certain: everyone likes chocolate! When the Babbel team came across Theyo's tasting workshops, their search was over quicker than expected.

“Great team event! Delicious, educational and completely new taste experiences! Who would have thought that chocolate could taste just like grapefruit? There was also a chocolate from my home country of Colombia. It couldn’t be better!”

Juan Martínez
Key account management

The tasting

Babbel's team of over 20 organized a suitable room and left everything else to the Theyo team. In the 90-minute “How to taste Chocolate” session, no wishes were left unfulfilled and no taste buds were left unused. After a short input about the origin and production process of the chocolate, we finally moved on to the highlight: the team went on a taste journey around the world with seven chocolates. We ate together and had a lot of discussions. The Babbel team then peppered Theyo's certified chocolate specialists with questions. And at the end there was a chocolate pairing with a suitable port wine accompaniment.


True to the motto “Taste chocolate like you've always wanted to”, the Babbel team went on an exciting taste excursion.