Podigee gifted his business partners with individually prepared chocolates

Podigee is a podcast editing service from Berlin that turns raw files into high-quality, great-sounding podcasts
Geschenkbox mit Schleife und Schokolade, wird übergeben an Geschäftspartner von Podigee als Geschenk

Mastering the perfect gift

Podigee's mission is to turn audio files into something special: podcasts that sound great and stand out. No wonder that Christmas presents for your most loyal business partners should also be something special. With Theyo they found a flexible partner and were able to put together the perfect chocolate gift bag according to their wishes. Different chocolate products from different regions of the world are on offer: whether a classic milk chocolate bar, a chocolate with 100% cocoa content or crunchy crystallized cocoa beans. Theyo always guarantees the best taste and highest quality. The choice is difficult!

“The combination of chocolates from Berlin, our office location, and my co-founder’s city, New York, was a great idea. This made the bags – together with our greeting cards – a really personal gift.”

Mateusz Sojka

The perfect mix

Personalization of their gifts was particularly important to the founders of Podigee. Theyo therefore put together two different gift versions for them: the small arrangement contained a chocolate from Berlin and one from New York - representing the roots of the two founders. The large package for premium customers also included two other selected chocolate products. Theyo delivered the chocolates in high-quality paper bags. The Podigee team then added individual greeting cards and sent the bags to over 100 customers across Germany. Theyo's tailor-made offer made it possible for Podigee to give their business partners individual gifts and at the same time be on the safe side: because chocolate brings joy to everyone.