With Theyo, Google experienced a mindfulness team event with a chocolate highlight

Google is active in the areas of hardware and software development.
teamevent achtsamkeit

Digital and mindful team event

Organizing a mindful and varied team event where colleagues work remotely is a real challenge. For Google, it was important at the team event to celebrate the project transition and show the entire team appreciation and gratitude for the work done during the project. Google was missing an activity that was fun for everyone, was new, motivated the team, promoted cohesion and at the same time was easy to organize alongside everyday work.

"A delicious and mindful sensory journey with drinking chocolate and fine chocolate that strengthened, motivated us as a team and brought us into the moment of mindfulness."

Dayana Stojchevska
Software engineer

Delicious mindful sensory journey with fine chocolate

Dajana had already done a Theyo tasting with Google, which is why the idea of ​​a chocolate tasting with mindfulness immediately convinced her. With playful mindfulness exercises, the Google team went on a joint taste excursion with the certified chocolate experts from Theyo. After a mindful introduction with drinking chocolate, a workshop lasting almost 90 minutes followed. Here the participants discussed flavors and learned everything they always wanted to know about chocolate. All senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste – were used, which intensified the tasting. And best of all, there was still plenty of chocolate left to enjoy after the event.


An educational and entertaining team event with valuable knowledge. The Google team left the tasting strengthened, activated and with a delicious aftertaste! An event that everyone remembers positively.