How Spotify found an unusual and tasty employee gift

Spotify is the leading digital music service providing access to millions of songs, podcasts and audiobooks. Spotify is a Swedish company with locations around the world and over 170 million active users.
Theyobox für Spotify mit leckeren Schokoladen als Mitarbeitergeschenk

Music for the palate

The fact that Spotify's corporate culture is about more than the obligatory table football becomes particularly clear on their "Spotiversary" - the Spotify company anniversary. Here the years don't just pass by, they are honored appropriately. And what better way to say “thank you” than with a box of high-quality chocolate. The advantages of a chocolate box for Spotify are obvious: the employees love chocolate, they appreciate high-quality products and the chocolate products from Berlin and Sweden use the box to build a bridge to the home of Spotify. The modern, elegant design of the boxes completes the offer.

Theyobox à la Spotify

For Spotify, it's not just the individual compilation of content that's important, but also uncomplicated monthly delivery. This means that the boxes only come when they are needed and the selection can always be adjusted. The arrival of the boxes marks the beginning of a new month with new chocolate. Since the employees now know what to expect, their joy is even greater. A positive side effect: colleagues now prefer to come over to congratulate and so the box brings together what belongs together: happy employees from all over the world eating chocolate together.