Akesson's cocoa cultivation in Madagascar

Plantage von AKESSON auf Madagaskar
Bertil learned to care for tropical plants at an early age; his enthusiasm for fine cocoa and fine spices was awakened in his childhood. Today he mainly grows fine fine cocoa on plantations in Madagascar, Brazil and Indonesia. With his AKESSON'S brand, Bertil not only supplies chocolate manufacturers and chefs worldwide, but above all also produces excellent and award-winning chocolates himself.

Trinitario and Criollo from Madagascar

AKESSON'S plantation in Madagascar has been family-owned for many decades. The Trinitario cocoa variety is mainly grown here, but occasionally Criollo is also grown. These cocoa plants are very delicate, more susceptible to disease and have a lower yield than consumer cocoa varieties.

Bertil Akesson's best beans

It is all the more important that professionals are at work! The AKESSON'S plantation is located in the Sambirano Valley, an area with mountains, rivers and beautiful nature. Certified organic and socially fair cultivation and harvesting is carried out here.

The beans from Madagascar taste exceptional, have a mild acidity and notes of red berries and citrus fruits. Here you will find an overview of the delicious chocolates from AKESSON'S. More information about AKESSON'S cocoa cultivation can be found on their website or Instagram account .

Header photo by AKESSON

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