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These are your (and our) favorite 100% chocolates

leckere hundertprozentige Schokolade
From the dusty mouthfeel to the concrete-like feeling in the throat: when we ask you in ourchocolate tastings what associations you have with 100% chocolate, the answer is usually negative. We are all the more pleased that you bravely taste your way through the intensive chocolates and provide us with lots of feedback. We have now compiled your and our favorites in this list.
No matter whether you want to avoid sugar, experience the pure pleasure of cocoa beans or are simply curious: 100% chocolate is very trendy! And because there are more and more people interested, there is also an ever-growing range of offers. But 100% is not the same as 100%! In particular, poor quality 100% chocolate (or even 99%) gets stuck in your throat. Unlike chocolate around 70% , with 100% it's all about the nitty-gritty. There are fewer subtle aromas to discover here, but full cocoa bean power! We tried out many, many 100% boards (somebody's gotta do the job ;-) ) and - coupled with your feedback - selected the best of the best. So here are our top favorites:

The fruity one: AKESSON – Madagascar 100% Criollo

The Åkesson's 100% Criollo consists - as the name suggests - of 100% pure Criollo organic cocoa beans from Åkesson's own plantation Bejofo Estate in Madagascar. Despite the high cocoa content, it has a fruity, slightly sweet acidity. Subtle notes of citrus and red berries round it all off. Both for chocolate purists and those who want to venture into the 100 region. One of our absolute favorites and also one of the most ordered 100% in the Theyo shop #justsayin
The rare Criollo cocoa beans for this bar come from the in-house Bejofo Estate, which is located in the Sambirano Valley, in the north-west of Madagascar. Only around 2 tons of Malagasy Criollo cocoa beans are harvested in the Sambirano Valley each year and processed into great chocolate. Do you want to try 100% Madagascar bean power? Then please go this way !

The Aromatic: FIRETREE – Solomon Islands 100% Chocolate

A delicately melting 100% chocolate – is that even possible? We think: the Firetree 100% is the chocolate proof of this! It is very aromatic, almost spicy, with aromas that range between licorice, anise and vanilla. At the same time, it has a delicate melting that is unparalleled - only a few 100% bars can achieve this! For being 100% – i.e. sugar-free – we find Firetree chocolate almost “snackable”. And not only that: the cocoa beans in this chocolate are not only super tasty but also very rare. Firetree sources the fine cocoa beans directly from the Solomon Islands and gently processes them into delicious bars in small batches in London. You can find out more about volcanic chocolate and its manufacturer, Firetree, here .

The delicately melting one: Chocolate Tree – Belize 100%

This 100% chocolate comes from cocoa beans from Belize, which are transformed into delicious chocolate in Scotland at Chocolate Tree . Despite the high cocoa content, it has a very delicate melt. The high acidity typical of Belize is perfectly balanced in the bar by fine organic cocoa butter. The cocoa beans for this bar come from a Bolivian agroforestry cocoa farm that is particularly committed to a biodiverse environment.

Would you like to find out more about 100% chocolate? We have created a 100% chocolate guide for you in which you will find out which pairings go with 100% chocolate and what you should pay attention to when buying.
Have you found a fair, fine and sustainably produced hundred that is not on this list? Then write to us! We are always happy to receive tips and new discoveries!

Header photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

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