Cacao cultivation in Brazil: Åkesson's plantations

AKESSON's Plantage in Brasilien
Bertil Åkesson learned how to care for tropical plants. And his enthusiasm for cocoa and spices was awakened. Today, his plantations in Madagascar, Brazil and Indonesia mainly grow fine fine cocoa beans. But that's not all: ÅKESSON'S supplies chocolatiers and top chefs all over the world. He also produces excellent chocolates himself. Here you can find out more about Akesson's cocoa cultivation in Brazil. And

Paradise – cocoa cultivation in Brazil

ÅKESSON'S plantation in Brazil is like a paradise. The traditional cocoa variety “Parasinho” is grown on a 120 hectare area in the middle of the Mata Atlantica rainforest. The Mata Atlantica is a rainforest area that stretches along the Brazilian coast. One of the most impressive biodiversity in the world can be found here, but at the same time it is in great danger. U

Ecological and social sustainability

This makes it all the more important that companies like ÅKESSON'S work sustainably, from an ecological and social perspective. “Paradise” – that’s what some locals call the ÅKESSON’S plantations. And not just in terms of the flourishing vegetation, but also because of the social structures that the chocolate company was able to build. That's why Bertil Åkesson's motto is: Achieve the highest quality in the most sustainable way. And that’s exactly why employees and customers value him. Besides that

You can find exciting information about cocoa cultivation in Brazil, Madagascar and Indonesia on the ÅKESSON'S website. And if you're on Instagram, you should definitely check out her Instagram account . There you will not only find current news. You will also get an insight into the chocolatey life of Bertil and his team. And
Of course you can also find the really great and award-winning chocolates in our shop . In the chocolates you will not only find great flavor nuances of fine cocoa from Madagascar, Brazil and Indonesia. We find it particularly exciting that Bertil uses excellent spices from Madagascar in his chocolates. Among other things, there is a very special table. In addition to Malagasy cocoa beans, it also uses wild Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar. For us, alongside the 100% Criollo bar, it is a particularly remarkable chocolate. Tastes best yourself! And great chocolate!

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Header photo by ÅKESSON'S

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