Cocoa cultivation in Honduras: cocoa beans from Cacao Direct

Kakaoschoten von Cacao Direct am Baum
As you've probably noticed by now, we're always on the lookout for unusual cocoa beans and their stories! And cocoa beans from Honduras are particularly rare varieties. What is so special about the beans and cocoa cultivation in Honduras? By building several fermentation stations, the founders of Cacao Direct support farmers in the further processing of their beans. The quality of the cocoa beans is particularly influenced during the fermentation process . The stations set up by Cacao Direct were therefore able to improve the quality of the beans.


A win-win situation because the farmers sell their beans at very good prices and Cacao Direct receives beans of very good quality. And delicious chocolate is then made from it - in principle, win-win-win.

The fight against illegal deforestation

The Central American country of Honduras is struggling with problems such as illegal deforestation. Cacao Direct, on the other hand, has established itself as a reliable business partner that strengthens the region's legal economy. For the approximately 240 partner farms, the collaboration means a reliable source of income.
By the way: Cacao Direct's cocoa is grown sustainably, without pesticides and certified organic, surrounded by banana, pineapple and sugar cane plantations. The beans are fermented for six days and then dried in sunlight.

Organic cocoa cultivation in Honduras

Cacao Direct's cocoa beans from the Cortés region are characterized by deep chocolaty, nutty notes. The low acidity harmonizes wonderfully with the dark and earthy flavors. The cocoa beans are predominantly Mayan Red beans and Trinitario clones. Why do we report so much about Cacao Direct and cocoa cultivation in Honduras? You can find chocolate made from these delicious cocoa beans in our shop: Svenksa Kakaobolaget Honduras. Coincidence? Yummy! By the way: Svenska Honduras is not only a great chocolate on its own, it is also excellent for pairings with coffee, craft beer or wine.

More information about cocoa cultivation in Honduras can be found on the Cacao Direct website or on their Instagram account .

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