Herkunft der Schokolade

Why Zac Efron buys chocolate on his Netflix series Omnom

Warum Zac Efron in seiner Netflix-Serie Omnom Schokolade kauft
In his new Netflix travel series Down to Earth, Zac Efron and Darin Olien embark on a world tour. Her self-declared goal is nothing less than to make the world a better place. As Efron himself explains in the show's trailer, it's less of a travel series and more of a series that deals with the most important aspects of modern life: food, water and energy. Throughout Season 1, Efron and Olien meet people working to make the consumption and use of these three areas more sustainable. And Omnom chocolate also plays a small, fine role in this. Besides

Zac Efron in Iceland

The first episode goes to Iceland! In Iceland almost 100% of all energy is generated from renewable sources. Efron and Olien learn how to generate energy with the help of waterfalls and volcanoes, how to bake bread "in" hot springs and of course why Omnom chocolate - consisting of many regional ingredients - is particularly good and tastes super delicious. In addition, it is also sustainable.
Iceland has more to offer than volcanoes...chocolate for example There's more to Iceland than volcanoes...chocolate for example ©Unsplash

Why Omnom Chocolate makes the best milk chocolate in the world

Would you like to try the Omnom chocolate? We can only recommend! Omnom is a young chocolate manufacturer from Iceland and has already won a considerable number of awards and prizes in its short history. Several Omnom milk chocolates have already been voted the best milk chocolates in the world. Among other things, the ' Milk of Madagascar ' received the award for its special creamy, delicately melting texture and its silky-fruity aromas, for which cocoa beans from Madagascar are particularly well-known. At the same time, the milk powder in the milk chocolate comes directly from Icelandic cows, which gives the milk chocolate a particularly interesting taste. By far the most exciting chocolate from our point of view is the Omnom Black'nBurnt Barley . We think it tastes like a children's country for adults - really tasty, strong barley and fairly produced! You can find a selection of great Omnom chocolates in our shop. Moreover


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