What is Ruby Chocolate?

Was ist Ruby Schokolade?

Derisively referred to as 'Millennial chocolate' by some, celebrated by others as the fourth type of chocolate: Ruby chocolate is currently on everyone's lips and is being hotly discussed in chocolate circles. But what's the deal with pink chocolate? And how does it taste? You can find out all of this here!

Ruby chocolate is celebrated by its fans as the fourth type of chocolate - alongside white, milk and dark chocolate. Its name comes from its color or from the cocoa beans from which Ruby chocolate is made according to the manufacturer: the so-called ruby ​​cocoa beans. This is how Barry Callebaut, developer of Ruby Chocolate, describes the special cocoa bean. According to Barry Callebaut, these beans have a ruby ​​hue, but are not a new type of cocoa and have not been genetically developed.

What is Ruby Chocolate?

Apart from Barry Callebaut, no one knows exactly what Ruby Chocolate is. Back in 2004, company spokespersons claimed to have discovered a new type of cocoa bean – the ruby ​​bean. The company also insists that no colorings or berry flavors are added to the Ruby chocolates. Instead, Callebaut refers to special components of special cocoa beans, which can be found particularly in cocoa beans in Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. Experts, on the other hand, agree that the ruby ​​color cannot simply arise from beans that have not been manipulated and suspect that the secret lies in the composition of the chocolates themselves .

What is Ruby chocolate made of?
Keep your eyes open when choosing chocolate

What is Ruby chocolate made of and why is it pink?

At Theyo, we attach particular importance to the flavor nuances of chocolate. In addition to a transparent supply chain, we are no less interested in the list of ingredients in the chocolate. In our chocolate tastings we often point out that a short list of ingredients generally suggests a higher quality. A look at the list of ingredients for Ruby chocolate is all the more exciting: cocoa butter, milk powder, citric acids and emulsifiers. Even though the exact recipe and ruby ​​color are Barry Callebaut's trade secrets, industry experts suspect that it doesn't necessarily depend on the specific beans.

Rather, it is believed that the type of chocolate is crucial for its color and fruity taste. There are different speculations. The following seems particularly plausible to us: Instead of fermented cocoa beans, some of the beans could be unfermented. Cocoa beans in unfermented form have pink and pink hues. If these beans meet citric acid, the desired color and taste of ruby ​​chocolate could be created. While cocoa beans are fermented and roasted after harvesting for “normal” chocolate, here weakly fermented or even unfermented beans could be used as an ingredient in the production.

How does the pink chocolate taste?

Ruby chocolate tastes – as you would expect from the pink color – sweet and tart, more like white chocolate. According to Callebaut, it should taste berry, fruity and particularly creamy. Slightly less positive results came from a Guardian taste test when the testers tried the new pink Kit Kat:
"...smells like a Lush store."
"...the taste was quite delicious - creamier than milk chocolate, less oily than white chocolate, with a hint of tangy fruit yoghurt."
"...the taste is semi-sweet, slightly perfumed, a bit like the red berries of the Special K."

Where can you buy Ruby chocolate?

From our point of view, the question is not where you can buy Ruby Chocolate but rather whether you really should do so ;-) . As far as we know, Callebaut cannot ensure transparency regarding the supply chain for this type of chocolate either. From a chocolate expert's point of view, we also find the list of ingredients quite questionable. So instead of resorting to trendy pink chocolate, treat yourself to something really good! We have some suggestions ...

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Ruby Chocolate FAQ

What is the Ruby Cocoa Bean?

According to the manufacturer, the Ruby cocoa bean is not a new type of cocoa. Instead, traditional varieties such as Criollo, Trinitario and Forrastero are used for Ruby chocolate, from the growing regions of Brazil, Ecuador and Ghana and the Ivory Coast. However, whether a bean is suitable for Ruby chocolate must apparently be determined using special testing procedures.

Is there Ruby Chocolate cocoa powder?

Ruby cocoa powder is not yet on the market.

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