Warum sich über Geschmack tatsächlich streiten lässt

Why you can actually argue about taste

Why do we taste and why do we like what we like? In this article, we talk about everything related to taste!

ForschungHabe ich eine Allergie gegen Schokolade?

Do I have an allergy to chocolate?

Over the past twenty years, the frequency of allergies has increased significantly. According to statistics, one in three people will develop an allergy during their lifetime, and the trend is risi...

ForschungDer Tag der Schokolade – Alles Wichtige auf den Punkt gebracht!

Chocolate Day – everything important in a nutshell!

July 7th is Chocolate Day. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about it!

ForschungWir klären auf: die 8 größten Schoko-Mythen im Faktencheck

We clarify: the 8 biggest chocolate myths in a fact check

Few foods are surrounded by as many myths as chocolate. But what is it? We explain the 8 biggest chocolate myths!

ForschungWelche Schokolade ist gesund?

Chocolate knowledge: is there healthy chocolate?

Healthy chocolate! Sounds too good to be true! Or? Do they exist & what is it all about? Find out here...

BiodiversitätWas haben Mücken mit Schokolade zu tun?

What do mosquitoes have to do with chocolate?

What are mosquitoes good for? We can give you a happy answer to this question: for the production of chocolate...