Schokolade & Gesundheit

Cadmium in Schokolade: Risiken und Grenzwerte

Wie hoch ist das Gesundheitsrisiko bei Cadmium in Schokolade? Dieser Artikel erörtert die Herkunft und Auswirkungen von Cadmium in der Umwelt und beleuchtet die Sicherheit der Schokoladenproduktion.

100% Schokoladekakao zeremonie

Cocoa Ceremony: A ritual for more self-care and connection

Cacao ceremonies are heart-opening rituals that enable a deep connection with yourself and others. Find out more here about how a cocoa ceremony works and what you need for it!

ForschungHabe ich eine Allergie gegen Schokolade?

Do I have an allergy to chocolate?

Over the past twenty years, the frequency of allergies has increased significantly. According to statistics, one in three people will develop an allergy during their lifetime, and the trend is risi...

Schokolade & GesundheitSojalecithin in Schokolade

Soy Lecithin in Chocolate - Everything you need to know!

There are probably few foods and ingredients that are more controversial than soy. Some are convinced of the positive properties of soybeans. Others attribute soy to negative influences on health a...

ForschungWelche Schokolade ist gesund?

Chocolate knowledge: is there healthy chocolate?

Healthy chocolate! Sounds too good to be true! Or? Do they exist & what is it all about? Find out here...

ForschungDie Schokoladenmeditation: so funktioniert die süße Achtsamkeitsübung

The chocolate meditation: this is how the sweet mindfulness exercise works

chocolate meditation? This works out! How and what do you have to pay attention to? Find out here...