Chocolate knowledge: is there healthy chocolate?

Welche Schokolade ist gesund?

How do you manage to integrate a healthier lifestyle into your everyday life? When answering this question, a particularly tasty food is still wrongly considered exclusively unhealthy. Chocolate is simply left out of many considerations about “healthy eating”. However, if you take a closer look at the list of ingredients, it quickly becomes clear that there are big differences and not all chocolates can be lumped together. When it comes to ingredients, the wheat is separated from the chaff or the “healthy” chocolate from the unhealthy.

Is chocolate healthy...or can it even be?

That is probably the crucial question. And the answer is (unfortunately) a little more complicated. In short, there are a lot of studies that show that dark chocolate in particular has many health benefits. According to researchers, chocolate helps you lose weight , the theobromine it contains fights tooth decay , and it even contains fiber and vitamin D. What we can confirm from our own empirical observation and what researchers have also verified: Chocolate helps against stress . So there are enough proven reasons to believe that chocolate can generally be considered healthy.

But which chocolate is healthy?

Unfortunately, we have to disappoint fans of white chocolate or milk chocolate at this point. Because while the so-called dark chocolate or – as we prefer to call it – dark chocolate is considered healthy, this does not apply to white or milk chocolate. The latter usually consist largely of milk powder and sugar and therefore cannot be considered healthy. Of course, these are also available as vegan milk chocolate , as dark milk chocolate or with a sugar substitute. Ultimately, the description “healthy” simply doesn’t apply here.

Whether light or dark – we would still always recommend enjoying really good chocolate. Because it simply makes you happy. And if you use high-quality chocolate , you at least have real cocoa butter and chocolate from fair and fine conditions. By the way: At Theyo we not only have a large selection of healthy and vegan chocolate . Our partner manufacturers are also very careful to use materials that are as sustainable as possible when it comes to packaging. For example, the inner packaging of Chocolate Tree is biodegradable and the outer packaging is printed with organic inks.

chocolate tasting white chocolate Not all chocolate is healthy

On the dark side of chocolate

Would you rather enjoy healthy chocolate? No problem either. The rule of thumb here is: the darker, the better! Because: The less sugar the chocolate contains, the greater the cocoa content. And while sugar – as is well known – does not have any healthy attributes, cocoa mass is widely considered to be very healthy.

Seen this way, 100 percent chocolate is at the forefront! There is no sugar at all here; the chocolate consists exclusively of cocoa mass and added cocoa butter. If you dare to go here, we of course have a few selected 100% boards in our shop. And even if this may sound more like a threat to some people, there are certainly 100% chocolates that are creamy, fruity or nutty. If you like dark chocolate, you will definitely love dark chocolate! But the same applies to chocolate around 70%: in moderation, it can contribute to a healthy lifestyle for those who consciously enjoy it!

Really good chocolate: good for everyone!

But real sustainability doesn’t stop with the packaging. The University of Oxford has found that industrially produced chocolate has a similarly bad CO₂ footprint as beef. In contrast, most of the chocolates in our shop are climate neutral. How it works? The cocoa trees are grown in agroforestry systems so that the CO₂ saved there can offset the further processing steps.
Would you like to find out more about really good chocolate, how it is made and, above all, the taste? Then stop by for achocolate tasting from us!

FAQ on “Healthy Chocolate”

Which chocolate is safe to eat?

We think: Chocolate that was produced using the bean-to-bar principle can definitely be eaten without hesitation. Bean-to-bar means that manufacturers know about every single step in the processing of their chocolate, from the bean to the finished bar. This is the only way to ensure that neither the environment nor the people involved in the cocoa cultivation and chocolate production process were disadvantaged. Please take a look at our chocolate shop, because all the chocolates we offer are made according to the bean-to-bar principle.

Is 85% chocolate healthy?

Because of the lower sugar content, 85% chocolate is definitely healthier than milk chocolate or white chocolate. Basically, the higher the cocoa content, the healthier the chocolate.

Which dark chocolate is healthy?

As already mentioned, dark chocolates are healthier than lighter ones because they contain less sugar. Nevertheless, you should look carefully when buying dark chocolate. Many cheap supermarket chocolates, even the dark version, contain numerous additives such as lecithin or artificial flavors. Of course, these are anything but health-promoting. The shorter the ingredients list, the better.

Which chocolate is the best?

The answer to this question is of course totally subjective. But we at Theyo can of course recommend every single one of the chocolates from our shop :-)

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