Was haben Mücken mit Schokolade zu tun?

What do mosquitoes have to do with chocolate?

What are mosquitoes good for? We can give you a happy answer to this question: for the production of chocolate...

BiodiversitätGibt es bald keine Schokolade mehr? Warum Kakao-Knappheit nicht das Problem ist

Will there soon be no more chocolate? Why cocoa shortages are not the problem

The 'chocolate calypse' and thus the end of chocolate is predicted again and again. But what is really about the horror scenarios? We explain what the real problem is...

Bean-to-BarCCN51 - die größte Bedrohung für Biodiversität im Kakaoanbau?

CCN51 - the biggest threat to biodiversity in cocoa cultivation?

The resistant cocoa bean variety CCN-51 threatens the biodiversity of the cocoa world worldwide. How and why - find out here!

Bean-to-BarDie UN Sustainable Development Goals im Schokoladenbereich

The UN Sustainable Development Goals in the chocolate sector

How important are the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the chocolate sector? And how do we deal with them at Theyo? Find out more here...

Bean-to-Bargeerntete Kakaofrüchte auf einer Farm

Cocoa cultivation: How and where is cocoa grown and harvested?

Most agree that chocolate and cocoa taste delicious. However, very few people know how the steps to chocolate are made. You can find out more about cocoa cultivation here!

BiodiversitätKakaobohnen werden nach dem fermentieren zum trocknen ausgelegt

What happens during the fermentation of cocoa?

Fermentation is currently on everyone's lips. Here you can find out why cocoa also has to be fermented and what happens in the process...