CCN51 - die größte Bedrohung für Biodiversität im Kakaoanbau?

CCN51 - the biggest threat to biodiversity in cocoa cultivation?

The resistant cocoa bean variety CCN-51 threatens the biodiversity of the cocoa world worldwide. How and why - find out here!

Kakaoanbaukakaonibs aus Ecuador

Cocoa nibs: you can find out how healthy they really are here

Cacao nibs are generally considered to be very healthy. You can find out here whether this is the case and what else is in them?

Bean-to-BarÖko Caribe Gründer Gualberto Acebey Torrejon mit einer Kakaoschote

Öko Caribe: Cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic

Öko Caribe is no longer a newbie in bean-to-bar circles. Well-known chocolate manufacturers have been using the fair organic cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic for a long time.

Herkunft der SchokoladeÖkokakaoanbau in Indien

The best chocolate in India: organic cocoa cultivation in India

Bean to bar chocolate from India? A rare find even for chocolate lovers! We are all the more pleased to be able to introduce Soklet to you.

Bean-to-Bargelbe Kakaoschoten aus Kolumbien

Cocoa instead of cocaine: cocoa beans from Colombia

As the name suggests, the cocoa beans for the 'Cool Beans Colombia' come from Colombia. In this article you will find out why cocoa cultivation is so important for the Tumaco region.

bean-to-barGleichberechtigung Frauen Schokoladen-Branche: Google-Bilder-Suchergebnisse von 'Women in Chocolate'

"Women in Chocolate" – women in chocolate

When you search Google for “Women in Chocolate” or “Women in Chocolate”, the main question that comes up is why women (supposedly) like to eat chocolate so much and need it to live. You have to go...