Herkunft der Schokolade

The best chocolate in India: organic cocoa cultivation in India

Die beste Schokolade Indiens: Öko-Kakaoanbau in Indien
Founders Karthikeyan Palaisamy and Harish Manoj Kumar have been cultivating cocoa on their plantations in Southeast India since 2005. Then, in 2015, they started making their own chocolate from their cocoa beans. Their wealth of experience makes them experts when it comes to the optimal fermentation and drying of cocoa beans. This is one of the most important prerequisites for excellent Indian chocolate.

The secret of Indian cocoa

The secret of the diverse aromas begins with the cultivation of the cocoa. At the foot of the Anamalai Hills, not far from the Indira Ghandi Conservation Area, the cacao trees grow between nutmeg, coconut and pepper. Soklet works according to the principles of permaculture, a sustainable, natural cultivation method. This completely eliminates the use of pesticides. You can find out why this is so special and so important in Caro's text about the connection between good chocolate and biodiversity .

Der erste Schritt zur Schokolade: Kakaobohnen trocknen ©Unsplash The first step to Soklet chocolate: drying the cocoa beans ©Unsplash

Excellent Tree to Bar chocolate of India

Soklet proves that bean-to-bar chocolate from India has great promise! Karthikeyan Palaisamy and Harish Manoj Kumar produce exciting tree-to-bar chocolate from sustainable cultivation, with a lot of expertise and craftsmanship. In 2017 they received the Cocoa of Excellence Award, which was awarded by the research organization Biodiversity International, among others. And of course - you almost guessed it - you can also get the great Tree-to-Bar chocolate from India from us. We have our absolute favorite Soklet bars here in our shop ... with a bit of luck, their special edition chocolate with black garlic will soon be available 😍.
Soklet bean to bar chocolates from India Soklet Bean-to-Bar Chocolates from India ©Soklet

Would you like to learn more about Indian cocoa cultivation and the advantages of chocolate production in the country of origin? Then read the Theyo interview with the Soklet founders .

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