Rare Chocolate: Macao Movement and the Solomon Islands

Kakaobohnen des Macao Movements
Malou and her team produce bean-to-bar , i.e. from the bean to the bar. Macao Movement produces great chocolates from carefully selected ingredients and under socio-ecologically fair conditions and also promotes women in the chocolate sector. Why is this important? Find out now!

Women in cocoa farming

So far, women have done a lot of the work in the cocoa industry, but have had little influence. They are usually paid less than men and in some countries even have no right to own land. You can find out more about empowering women in the cocoa industry here on our blog soon!

Founder Malou of Macao Movement Founder Malou of Macao Movement Chocolate ©Macao Movement

Back to the origin

For founder Malou Dronkers, her journey into the world of chocolate began in Costa Rica. There she realized that she really knew little about the origins and creation of chocolate. So she set out to search, driven by great curiosity and a desire for stories: stories about taste, cocoa plantations, social justice, the past and the future. Eventually, she decided to make the chocolate industry a fairer place and founded Macao Movement .

The first step to chocolate: drying cocoa beans ©Unsplash The first step to chocolate: drying cocoa beans ©Unsplash

Macau Movement

Macao Movement buys beans directly from farmers. Their names are even on the packaging of the chocolate products. It couldn't be more transparent! And it's not just Malous chocolates that come from the Solomon Islands. A variant of our cool beans also comes from the Solomon Islands, more precisely from Agnes Pilopaso's farm.
Since September 2019 you can visit Malou and her team at “CHOCOLA LA LAND” in Amsterdam. Not only are delicious chocolate products produced there, but events are also organized: workshops, tastings and cozy evenings with music, stories and of course homemade cocoa. Malou remains true to itself when it comes to transparent, fair enjoyment and exciting stories behind the cocoa.
Sounds exciting? You can always find Macao Movement chocolates in our shop! #staytuned

Header photo by Kiyoshi on Unsplash

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