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kakaonibs aus Ecuador

They are no longer only available in smaller organic stores, but also at Rewe or Edeka on the corner: cocoa nibs. They are considered super healthy, all-rounders and 'superfood'. Of course, as chocolate fans, we quickly ask ourselves the question: How healthy are cocoa nibs actually and are they healthier than chocolate?

What exactly are cacao nibs and what do they taste like?

We have already explained to you in detail in an earlier post what cocoa nibs are, how they are produced and how they can be processed. In a nutshell, cacao nibs are crushed cocoa beans that have a chocolaty, slightly bitter taste. You can eat them 'raw' and roasted. As with chocolate, it always starts with the cocoa bean. This is harvested, dried, fermented and finally crushed into nibs.
How the cacao nibs taste basically depends on three factors : the variety , thefermentation process and the roasting . Depending on the variety, type of cultivation and fermentation - also known as 'terroir' among chocolate connoisseurs - the cocoa beans can develop very different flavors. While many varieties from mass cultivation (often from Africa) taste primarily bitter, cocoa beans or cocoa nibs from South America, for example, are characterized by their distinctly fruity note. Depending on the intensity of the roasting, the aroma of the nibs can ideally be refined. In the worst case scenario, however, roasting results in strong roasted aromas, which can overpower all other aromas.

Are cacao nibs healthy?

Since cocoa nibs are processed, pure cocoa beans - they only consist of pure beans - they are definitely a very healthy snack. Both caramelized (can be found here ) and plain (can be found here ), nibs are usually healthier than chocolate. Of course, what matters most here is which chocolate you are comparing the nibs with. Very dark chocolate - such as this great 100% chocolate from Akesson's - is at least as healthy as cacao nibs. However, if you compare the nibs with milk chocolate or even white chocolate, then it is more of a comparison between apples and pears. In this case, the cocoa nibs obviously perform significantly better when it comes to health.

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Cacao nibs and the K-word: how many calories do they have?

Admittedly, with almost 600 kilocalories per 100 grams, cocoa nibs are not slimming products at first glance.
1 00 grams contains approximately

  • 600 kcal
  • 12 grams of protein
  • 14 grams of fat

But if you take a closer look at the nutritional values, the cocoa nibs are quite healthy. Even if we don't think too much of the term 'superfood', the word may not be entirely inappropriate. The nibs are true all-rounders - they are rich in various vital substances that are important for the body:

  • Magnesium Cacao nibs are full of magnesium. Few foods contain as much magnesium as they do: 100 grams of cocoa nibs contain a whopping 450 mg of magnesium. This mineral supplies the brain and muscles with energy, regulates metabolism and blood pressure and is considered to strengthen bones.
  • Calcium Cocoa nibs contain more calcium than milk - a full 160 mg per 100 grams. It is important for teeth and bones, as well as the contraction of muscles.
  • Fiber Cocoa nibs contain more fiber than, for example, whole grain bread or oatmeal. These are proven to be good for digestion.
  • Theobromine Theobromines are alkaloids - complex organic compounds - that have a stimulating effect. According to studies, it can have a soothing effect on coughing attacks (including Usmani, 2004). But be careful: while theobromine's effects are considered positive in humans, it is harmful for dogs. So please don't crumble when dogs are around.

Do you want to treat yourself to healthy cocoa nibs?

No problem! We have something prepared :). And in contrast to some bitter supermarket nibs, we have wonderfully tasty and mild nibs from Ecuador. The organic Arriba Nacional Nibs were gently roasted, a little caramelized and are simply delicious. And not only that: they are also traded fairly and directly.

Sunrise in Ecuador, where one of the best types of cocoa - Arriba Nacional - comes from One of the best types of cocoa – Arriba Nacional – comes from Ecuador ©Unsplash

Are you really interested in cocoa?

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