Cocoa nibs: what you need to know about them

Kakaonibs als leckeren Snack, hier im Sektglas

In order to get to the bottom of this question, we will examine various questions about dark gold in this text. Do you still have questions about Nibs? Then please contact us. As you may have noticed by now, we know a lot about chocolate, cocoa beans and cocoa nibs. That's why we're always happy when we can share our knowledge with others. And so now raise the curtain for: the cocoa nibs!

What are Cocoa Nibs?

Cocoa nibs are small pieces - i.e. crushed cocoa beans - that have a slightly bitter, chocolatey taste. There are roasted and unroasted nibs, the latter of which is commonly referred to as raw. Regardless of whether they are raw or roasted: cocoa nibs are further processed cocoa beans. After harvesting, the latter are dried, fermented and finally crushed into small, dark pieces – nibs.
The taste and aromas of the cocoa nibs depend heavily on the variety, the fermentation process and the roasting profile of the cocoa beans. There are different types of cocoa beans - you can find out more about this in our article about cocoa beans. They develop different aromas depending on their origin and type of cultivation. The second adjustment screw for the taste is the method of fermentation. Finally, the taste of the nibs can be influenced during roasting - or by leaving them out. Nibs made from raw cocoa beans often have a fruity taste. Roasted nibs, on the other hand, tend to have light roasted notes and a strong chocolaty taste.

What can you do with nibs?

Fans of (fairly) dark chocolate quickly get a taste for Nibs. Not only are they rich in chocolate, they are also super tasty and healthy . Milk chocolate lovers, on the other hand, might have problems with the nibs. But there is a remedy here too: our caramelized cocoa nibs are nice and mild, a little sweet and not bitter at all. These are wonderful as a snack in between, in muesli or as a topping for yoghurt or porridge. But that was only mentioned in passing. Of course, the same applies to natural nibs, such as our roasted nibs in the shop . These can also be integrated into various morning dishes such as porridge, muesli and the like.

Bake to the roots

By the way, nibs can also be used wonderfully for cooking. For example, we regularly use them in banana bread or dark chocolate cookies. Especially its crunch but also its slightly bitter note are a great addition. If you prefer something healthier, you can also make energy balls or bliss balls with the cocoa nibs. You can also make an excellent cocoa brew from the nibs, supplemented with a few cocoa shells.

Cocoa nibs in a champagne glass Cheers with Cocoa Nibs: The perfect snack for chocolate lovers

From Nibs to Bar

Of course, you can also do the obvious thing with the nibs: chocolate. Admittedly, this may not be the chocolate you're used to. Homemade chocolate, ground in a stone mill, can be an exciting alternative to chocolate from the supermarket shelf. And another advantage: you know exactly what's inside. No additives, no plasticizers and no vegetable fats. The homemade bars only contain what belongs: cocoa beans and (cane) sugar.

Do you want to buy cocoa nibs? Look no further!

If you've always wondered where you can buy cocoa nibs - Theyo is the right place for you. We don't just have boring supermarket nibs like Edeka or Rewe on the corner. As already mentioned, the type of cocoa bean has a big influence on the taste of the nibs. We have Arriba Nacional cocoa nibs from Ecuador - gently roasted and slightly caramelized - or pure and roasted . Our nibs are not only super tasty and organic but also straight from Ecuador - direct, fairly traded without middlemen. You can find out more about how we work here .

Are you really interested in cocoa?

Then we would like to draw your attention to our company offer at this point: you can find out everything you always wanted to know about chocolate - and nibs - at one of our chocolate tasting team events for companies. Do you already know everything? Then perhaps aquarantine care package as an employee gift would be interesting. Just stop by.

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