Enjoy chocolate differently: how you can really enjoy fine chocolate

Schokolade anders genießen: wie Ihr feine Schokolade richtig genießen könnt
"Eat chocolate? Can I! Just slide it in under your nose.” – We have no doubt that you can eat chocolate. For all those who want to make the transition from eating chocolate to enjoying chocolate, we have prepared our “Eat chocolate differently” guide for Christmas.

Theyo's Enjoyment Guide

In our enjoyment guide you will learn :
– which methods you can use during the tasting
– how you can enjoy chocolate with all your senses
– what tips & tricks to consider so that you are optimally prepared for your tasting.
And don't worry: we don't eat every piece of chocolate like a yogi either! Some days it works better, other days worse. With a little practice, however, you will find that with this information in mind, you can easily get more out of every piece of chocolate. So you can slowly train and develop your taste buds.

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chocolate and wine

You have already learned the fine art of enjoying chocolate in one of our tastings ;-)? Then you are ready for the next level! You think chocolate and wine always work? Unfortunately it's not that easy. With our tips & tricks, nothing can go wrong with the next pairing. Have you always wondered if chocolate and white wine go together? Or whether sparkling wine and chocolate really don't go together? You can find the answers to these and other questions here !

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Either way, we wish you a lot of fun enjoying your chocolate! And always remember: the most important thing is that the chocolate tastes good! If you still need supplies, this way !

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