What chocolate has to do with global warming

Was Schokolade mit Erderwärmung zu tun hat

"When people think of chocolate the idea of ​​cheap confectionary comes to mind. We know that this type of confectionery is unhealthy and in its ethical and environmental claims at the very least questionable. Yet most of us still continue to purchase. Perhaps simply because we haven't been shown the alternatives!"

Alastair Gower, TEDx Glasgow

Global warming from chocolate?

Since founding Chocolate Tree in 2005, Alastair and his wife Friederike have been intensively involved with the subject of chocolate. The deeper they delved into the topic, the more they realized that it was about much more than just a candy. It's about soils, biodiversity, permaculture, sustainability, fairness and ultimately also about climate change and global warming. That's why her enthusiasm for good chocolate soon turned into an almost obsessive concern with the topic of ethical cocoa cultivation. Ethical in the sense of social-ecological and, above all, climate-friendly.

The link between global warming and chocolate

Chocolate against climate change!

It is still largely unknown that chocolate can help to a certain extent to combat climate change. And this despite the fact that there are now studies showing that chocolate is just as harmful to the climate as meat. Of course, it can be argued that most people eat significantly more meat than chocolate. Nonetheless, it should be clear that the decision to buy chocolate from the supermarket is usually also a decision in favor of child labor and deforestation. Pointing out this fact, Alastair quickly gets into the topic and explains how chocolate and cocoa plants can actively contribute to the preservation of biological diversity. In close cooperation with cocoa farmers in Central and South America, Alastair and Friederike are committed to sustainable cocoa cultivation and agroforestry agriculture. In his contribution, Alastair shows in a short, evocative and pointed way how the right chocolate can fight climate change.

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