In 4 steps to your own chocolate tasting

Verschiedene Schokolade sind gestapelt und bereit verkostet zu werden

Are you into the fine chocolate game and want to go on a taste excursion with friends or family? Or have you already had achocolate tasting with us and want to share your new knowledge with others? Either way, we can absolutely recommend a private tasting and have summarized the most important tips for you!

#1 The Round Table

Only the best should sit at your table. The best chocolates and the nicest chocolate fans and friends. Keep both the number of participants and the number of chocolates low. Of course, you can best estimate the number of additional buttons yourself. However, we would not invite more than 10 people for a private tasting at home. As far as chocolates are concerned, we recommend trying a maximum of 5 chocolates. We already have an idea...

#2 The chocolates

In our chocolate tasting team events we go on a chocolatey trip around the world. About 70% of the time we travel around the world to try different terroirs of fine cocoa beans from different countries of origin. A 70% cocoa content is recommended because the balance of sugar and cocoa content is ideal in order to be able to taste as many flavors as possible. Have you ever taken part in one of our tastings and want to go one step further? How about if you specialized in chocolates that were made directly in the countries of origin? Or you can try chocolates from the same country of origin and see how different the individual regions taste. Your creativity knows no bounds! By the way: we find it particularly exciting to try supermarket chocolate in addition to the fine chocolate. It's very exciting to taste the differences. How does the usual taste compare to the newly discovered flavors?

Chocolate is prepared for tasting As we all know, your eyes eat with you, so take a good look at the chocolates (Photo by Jullliia on Unsplash )

#3 Preparing for the tasting

Who does not know it? The time is far too short until the guests arrive and the to-do list is far too long. While your guests can certainly wait a moment, you should make sure that you bring the chocolate and drinks to room temperature sufficiently early. So that the participants are not initially influenced by the pretty packaging, it is best to unpack the chocolates beforehand and break them into small pieces. Smaller pieces of around 5g per person are ideal, we recommend 2 pieces per person. This way you can “taste” it again.

Of course, you can also prepare mini chocolate boards – similar to a cheese board – for everyone. If you want to take a more professional approach, you can also put out a pen and piece of paper to jot down your impressions. Now all you need are glasses and water for the perfect tasting experience ;-). You use the water to neutralize between the taste buds. It shouldn't be too cold, otherwise your mouth will cool down and the next chocolate may melt more slowly. If you like, you can add a splash of apple cider vinegar to the water. According to bean-to-bar pioneer Zotter , this cleans the taste buds on the tongue particularly well. Do you want more than just drinking water? Find out how to find the perfect pairing here.

#4 Let the tasting begin

Try each chocolate individually and let it work its magic on you. Have you ordered a tasting box from us? Then your box will include a small tasting guide that you can easily follow. Have you visited your local chocolate shop? Fine! Then we have put together tips for tasting for you here. If you don't only try dark chocolate, it's a good idea to start with the darker chocolate and then go lighter. However, it is best if you stay true to one “category”. Do you prefer mixed milk and dark chocolate? Then try out acolorful mix and next time you'll opt for dark chocolate.
Our tip: let the tasting end with a pairing and, despite all the rules, don't forget that enjoyment always comes first! Have fun!

Header photo by Tetiana Bykovets on Unsplash

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