How you can help small chocolate manufacturers now

Wie Ihr kleinen Schokomanufakturen jetzt helfen könnt
The 'Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute' (FCCI) is one of the best-known organizations in the 'Fine Chocolate' segment. The institute recently conducted a survey on the consequences of Corona among over 150 small chocolate manufacturers. We report here what came out of it and how a virtual tasting can help the manufacturers.

The study results

Word should have gotten around by now that Covid-19 has hit small companies particularly hard. The current results of the FCCI survey show how much this also affects the fine chocolate sector:
  • All companies said the virus is having a significant impact on their operations. For the majority of the manufacturers surveyed, sales have fallen by more than 50%.
  • 80 percent fear that they will soon have to close their business or get into serious financial difficulties.
  • The majority of the companies surveyed have (voluntarily or forced) shut down their production. In addition, many had to send their employees home, close their shops and cancel events such as tastings.
  • Everyone who can afford it invests in online shops or tries to boost their sales again through online sales.
The full study results - presented by Carla Martin, Chair of the FCCI - can be viewed here. For this reason

Eat chocolate and do good

To help these manufacturers, it's more important than ever to stop using regular supermarket chocolate. Instead, you should invest in high-quality chocolate. This essentially differs from industrial chocolate in four ways:
  • It tastes better! Artisanal chocolate tastes more intense, exciting and finer;
  • She is healthier! High-quality chocolate contains a lot of cocoa butter, which is usually removed from industrial chocolate and replaced by cheaper substitutes or butter fats;
  • It is child slavery free! Good chocolate manufacturers buy their cocoa beans directly from cooperatives or farmers and pay a fair price. For this reason
  • It's better for the environment! For many industrial chocolates, rainforest is cleared to gain fertile soil. Really good chocolate consists of fine flavor cocoa beans, which support biodiversity through the way they are cultivated.

What do you have to do to support small chocolate manufacturers? Nothing easier than that! Instead of reaching for the 95-cent bar in the supermarket the next time you have a craving, it's best to take your time and buy some really good chocolate online ( e.g. in our shop ;-) ) or in your favorite specialty chocolate shop. With the new knowledge, the chocolate will definitely taste twice as good. For this reason

virtual tasting with the best chocolates in the world A virtual tasting is a great opportunity to get to know new chocolate

Taste excursion via virtual tasting

Are you curious about fine chocolate? Then join us for a virtual tasting! All you need is a Theyo Tasting Box. We recommend the dark, vegan version because the different flavors can be tasted particularly well here. Do you like milk chocolate? Then we will take you on a “mixed” journey through the world of chocolate. During the virtual tasting you will learn more about the origin and production of chocolate, about the chocolate manufacturers and above all about the chocolate itself. We will try and discuss the chocolates in the box together and you can taste aromas that you otherwise only know from wine. And who knows, maybe our virtual tasting will even help you find your new favorite chocolate.

Click here for the boxes for the virtual tasting !

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